Season’s Spending… The Top 5 Ways How to NOT Blow Your Budget on Christmas Shopping

For those of you who have hit the #BlackFriday sales before reading this post, my apologies but save those receipts!

For those of you who are contemplating this coming Cyber Monday,  while trying to figure out what to get for whom and how much money you don’t have for any of the latest and greatest, this post is for you!

Here’s a quick list on How to Not Blow Your Budget on Christmas Shopping (given you have a budget) –which actually is first on the list.

#1. Have a Budget.  Get a set number you are planning to spend.  The goal is to spend cash only; and once the cash is gone, the shopping is done.  Make sure this is a realistic number where you do not have to dip into your savings, a college fund, or even your emergency fund.  That’s right, Christmas gift shopping is NOT an emergency!

Setting a budget can help you avoid overspending (and dealing with debt for months to come)….”

#2. Make a list and Check it twice!  (Hey it’s Christmas, I had to get at least one song in here).  However, it’s true.  Make a list of all those for whom you want to purchase gifts.  Now check that list again and ask yourself, “Is this a genuine gift I am giving or am I simply trying to impress this person?”  No one is impressed when you’re broke!  (Do me a favor and Tweet this because someone is thinking about skipping a Debt Freedom payment).

#3. Ask yourself, “Can I make a gift?”  I have received thoughtful handmade gifts.  Take for example my prayer box.  It was handmade with a few slips of nice stationary paper inside for me to write my prayers and/or intentions.  Check out my Instagram page to see the prayer box  my good friend made for me.  Have you stopped by Pinterest lately?  Check out and follow some of my boards to get some great gift ideas.

#4. Not feeling artsy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a $5-10 gift card if you are just determined to give a gift to the lady, whose name you’re not even sure of, but she speaks to you every morning on the way into work.

#5. Learn to say, “No”.  Maybe this is more so a gift to yourself.  I get it and I understand.  I am a single parent, living on a one income budget (keyword being budget).  I want to give my little one all her heart desires.  But how much can you give when you are Broke, Busted and Disgusted?  It’s tough, but it’s even tougher when you raise a kid who expects to receive everything.  Let’s challenge ourselves to raise more humble and grateful kids as opposed to consumers of “stuff”. ***This also applies to adults.  Your significant other doesn’t need the latest handbag and/or large flat screen TV.


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“Whatever people’s plans are, a lot of them are feeling the pressure of executing them: 29% said they’re stressed about holiday shopping and 21% say they’re overwhelmed by the task. That strain is most commonly driven by difficulty staying on budget (38%), not having extra money to buy gifts (35%) and not wanting any more credit card debt (26%).”

Impress your bank account and #ShineIn2016. 


Your Restyled Mom…who wants you to prosper spiritually and financially

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