A Season of Transition

Since I am such an early bird with most things, of course it’s only fitting that I have already begun thinking about my goals for 2017.  Don’t get me wrong, I most certainly DID NOT hit every goal and do every single thing I set out to do.  However, I did find that when I hit 2016 with a plan, I actually accomplished some things like paying off my car! Yay me! Nevertheless, I will admit, this was an extrinsic goal. As we are quickly approaching the holidays and the New Year, I have realized I have some internal goals -particularly as they pertain to my personal life. Taking a deep, intrinsic look at yourself can be tough.  However, if you truly want to accomplish a “soul detox”, you have got to get real with yourself.  And that’s what I am doing-getting real with the one I am with All Day, Every Day.  Me, Myself and I. Here are some things you may consider before you go off making lists and checking them twice…

Luggage: In the post “The Bitter Bag”, it is suggested if new wine is to be poured and kept, it must be poured and stored into new wineskin. Some of us are still holding on to last year’s disappointments with a tight, relentless grip. There are some who may be carrying more years than only the last one.  I liken this to a carry-on bag.  On your evolution flight, you have packed a carry –on with the same old foolishness.  Before you round out this 2016, I suggest you begin RIGHT NOW determining what you will faithfully release to God. Then, begin actually releasing it.  Go into 2017 knowing you’ve already begun the process of healing.

 Own Your Junk: Look at your contribution to situations. No more thoughts of “this would have never happened if s/he had or had not done xyz”.  Get real with yourself about your contribution ( or lack thereof) to what may just be a vicious cycle.  Then… DO SOMETHING positive about it.  Don’t keep rehashing the issue; start thinking of the solution and implementing it.

 Accept: Accept that all closure is not going to come exactly as you desire. You may not get that last conversation, that reason or that final hug and/or kiss good bye.  Some things we must accept and in all things we must trust God’s hand will move each piece where it belongs.  In this season of transition, we must learn to accept some things just as they are; not as we desire for them to be.

Good Running Shoes: As you transition in this season, I encourage you to RUN towards your goals, your hopes, your dreams, your destiny!

If you would like to join me in preparing for this season of transition, please comment and let me know at least one thing you will enter into 2017 knowing you have begun the process.


Your Restyled Mom…who is claiming her season.

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