Here’s Why You Should Wear a Base Coat

No time, no time, no time. How many of you feel there is no time for a base coat on your nails? Before you answer that, tell me this, when is the last time you really thought about what the base coat does?

Let’s look at the base coat from a different standpoint. If you’re like me and have a little [or a big] family, then the base being built is considered as laying a foundation upon which to build. We lay a solid foundation with the hopes and expectation it (the foundation) will be used as a stable, long lasting core upon which to build. Building on shaky ground makes for easier chips and cracks to occur down the line.

Now let’s think of this in terms of your nail polish base coat and all the things you do on a daily basis (i.e. house chores, washing hair, etc.). While thinking about all that your hands are involved in, consider the following to encourage you to use our dual performing base coat, Basically:

  1. Your base coat serves as a way to help your manicure last longer, thus helping your nail color not chip when you’re doing all the things we adults do -also known as “Adulting”.

  2. Next, the base coat helps prevent staining. Persistent wear of nail polish will indeed turn your nails a yellowish color. Be aware, your nail bed needs to breath -kind of like if you get braids and have to take a break in between. Your nails need rest too.

  3. Some base coats, such as Basically found here , also serves to enhance your nail color and/or make lighter colors appear slightly darker, more opaque. Wouldn’t this be a great way to have both a light and a dark color all in the same nail polish bottle?

  4. Finally, at least as far as this blog post goes, our dual performing base coat, Basically, also serves to be worn as a gentle nude when two coats are applied, followed by a top coat. Shop our Prep & Polish lacquers here.

Going forward, let the base build… for both your life and your nail lacquer.

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