Budget Bathroom or Budget Bust

Which will it be?

There are only 2 bathrooms in my home – the one for my daughter and the one for myself. I wanted to update her bathroom first because it also serves as a guest bathroom. Since there isn’t any natural lighting, I am opting to do something that would brighten and potentially enlarge this space. I also want to add storage, but I haven’t been certain if adding a cabinet would cause the spot to seem smaller. I’ll explore other options -depending on cost.

As previously mentioned, this area will serve a dual purpose (teenage daughter/guest bath); so the update needs to fit the bill for both teenager and visitor. Now I am no designer; I’m just going by sight and what I think will work. Design and DIY can really rack up the bill -especially one without a full vision. Will this be a big splash or big flop?!

Splash of Color.JPGSplash of Color.JPG

If you recall, there wasn’t a real budget for the Teenybopper Room Update, -meaning there wasn’t a solid number though I stayed mindful of what was being spent. On the contrary, the same approach will not be happening here with this project because ya girl (that’s me) just paid for school uniforms and back to school supplies! As a single mom, bearing it all on my own, that ‘add to cart day’ becomes limited to “Girl knock it off; not today”. With that said, we’re going to stick to the budget and make this space happen!

In an effort to cut cost, I won’t be changing the already painted grey walls. I will use the remnants left from the initial paint job for touch ups as needed. Here are some of the updates I am thinking to do in this space. I’ll go into more detail on a separate blog post for some of these, but for now…here’s the game plan. You can also follow along in my stories over on my insta feed or catch up via my “In Progress” highlight. I encourage you to shop my feed over at my LikeToKnow.It page.

  1. Paint bathroom floor using Rustoleum Home Floor Coating (we’ve already started on this one and had to change the order of operations -meaning the floor will be last).

  2. Add Board and Batten

  3. Paint vanity

  4. Paint vanity countertop

  5. Replace builder grade mirror

  6. Replace builder grade lights

  7. Decor

My goal is to keep this project below or at $500. Now the biggest question…is it doable?

Hang with me in my stories over on the gram’ to keep up with this update and find out if this bathroom makeover will be Budget Bust or Budget Friendly! Also to note, I will update this post periodically with materials and cost so check back from time to time to see how the numbers are looking. We’ll call it a budget check-in; to monitor and make sure we’re tracking at or below our $500 target.

If you were updating your bathroom, how much do you think it would cost you? More like, how much would you be willing to spend? Share in the comments.

The beginnings of a $500 bathroom update… I hope $500.The beginnings of a $500 bathroom update… I hope $500.

The beginnings of a $500 bathroom update… I hope $500.

Purchases (prices may vary based on region):

  • Rustoleum Floor Paint Kit: $42.98

  • 1x3x8 feet Common Board (2 pieces): $11.78

  • Kiwi Seal Tub & Tile: $5.38

  • Respirator: $20.97

  • 1x2x8 feet Select Pine Board (3 pieces): $17.46

  • Caulk gun: $3.97

  • Liquid Nails (3 tubes): $11.61

  • Circular Saw: $49.97

  • Baseboard: $10.20

  • Krud Cutter Caulk Remover: $8.48

  • Hardboard: $10.33

  • Painter’s Tool: $7.47

  • Nail Setter Kit: $6.97

Captain’s Log: Bathroom Budget Check In

As of August 22nd, the running total is $197.24 leaving $302.76. Mind you, we still have another half of the bathroom to take into consideration [to include décor]. The good part is some of the budget went to needed tools that will be used on other projects.

August 30th: Needed a drill driver with more power to get the nails into the floating shelf. I ended up purchasing the Ryobi ONE + 18V 3/8 in. Drill/Driver Kit. I’ve linked some drill/driver kits that you can shop for yourself over on my LikeToKnow.It feed.

  • Cost: $49.97 (I probably could’ve gotten a cheaper one, but I liked that this one came with the same kind of battery I use with my Ryobi brad nail gun and orbital sander. Now, I have two batteries that I can interchange when needing to charge the other one.)

Total as of 8/31: $247.21, with remaining budgeted amount being $252.79. (Presently biting my lip wondering about this budget I set with respect to what I want to do with this bathroom). There’s still a light fixture and sink faucets to purchase. PLUS! Did I mention the vanity still needs to be painted, and no paint has been purchased. <Le Sigh>

Total as of 9/8: $261.07. I needed to purchase joint compound (to fix the drywall) and 400 grit sandpaper (for the floating shelf). Remaining budgeted amount: $238.93. To Note: I still need to purchase the final materials for fixing the drywall, where I removed the glued on builder’s grade mirror. In addition to this, WE STILL NEED DECOR! (and yes, I am screaming because I didn’t want to skimp in this area but ummm…

Total as of 9/10: $276.04. Purchased sealer for the drywall fix after removing the builder’s grade mirror. Remaining budgeted amount: $223.96.

Side note: the mirror replacement I wanted cost $300! That’ll be a NO‼️

Total spent as of 9/13: $350.43. Purchased a little something something that I’m going to keep as a surprise. Remaining budgeted amount: $149.57 out of the designated $500. And yes, we still have fixtures to purchase, as well as a mirror to replace and décor. For real, for real…

Here’s the skinny on the budget. Found a mirror. Forty smackers (aka $40). Remaining budgeted amount: $109.57 out of the designated $500. Now we’re on the hunt for a light fixture and praying to have all that’s needed for the vanity so there can at least be something for décor. Sheesh…I’m really living on the edge with this budget!

Oh Mylanta! Found a light fixture and the total with tax was $75.76, leaving $33.81. Guess what? I had to spend $15 on a dang basin wrench to remove the old faucet. So of the $500 bathroom budget, the remaining amount is a whopping $18.81! I am truly teetering on the edge and crossing my fingers I don’t NEED anything else… at least nothing greater than eighteen bucks!

Latest Update!

Currently, I am participating in the One Room Challenge to finish out this Captain’s Log: Bathroom Update. The budget… well the latest Home Depot purchase has been an adjustable cross bar kit that I hope will help get the light fixture hung. The cross-bar that came with the newly purchased light fixture won’t do the trick. Amount spent: $4.67; leaving a budget of $14.14

Remember you can keep up with this project and all other projects over at my corner of Insta World and within my stories or highlights. There’s usually something IN PROGRESS. Check back here next week to see if there have been any budget changes.

This is gonna be fun! Or I’m going to cry. One or the other…

Ya girl, Kim!

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