Week 1: One Room Challenge

A week spent sourcing and creating the mood…

The Goal: Complete this bathroom within the 8 weeks designated for the One Room Challenge with sponsor Better Homes and Gardens.

The Mission: Sourcing aka look for and purchase fixtures to include décor -making final design decisions.

Captain’s Log: Guesteen Bathroom Update: I’ve changed my mind a million and thirty times. Yes I know the saying is actually a million and one, but dag-gum-it I feel like it has been 29 more times than needed. Taking part in the one room challenge is going to help me get it done! I’m also hoping it helps me better identify how I need to structure my next DIY/Design projects. Remember, I’m new to all of this – approximately two (2) months new, as in just started DIYing towards the end of June.

Let me add that I am presently sharing my bathroom with my teenager. One would think that would be enough incentive to get this bathroom done. Right!? Keep in mind this bathroom is also the guest bath; however primary usage is for the teenybopper. Remember over the summer when I did that accent wall for her? She loved it but she stalked my IG stories to give her unsolicited feedback. All that to say, some elements have to receive teen approval. I could pull the “I’m the mom card”, but I like The Girl (aka my daughter/ teenybooper) to have a voice in some things. Check out our reel during the hunt for a bathroom mirror and you’ll see what I mean by her “input”. Now, let’s talk One Room Challenge.

Here’s a little of what I’m working with thus far:

Hooks and abstract lines…  this seems to be my vibeHooks and abstract lines…  this seems to be my vibe

Hooks and abstract lines… this seems to be my vibe

This cute abstract shower curtain I found was teen approved, thankfully because I didn’t get her say on it. The hooks are still up for debate. We’re going to bring some type of foliage into this windowless space; but first we’ve got to figure out what kind of plants we can keep alive. I’ve also fallen into deep like with lanterns. I spray painted this one and isn’t it cute! Not sure if it’s going to jive with everything else but for now, it’s a keeper. I’d like to also bring in some elements of artwork in this space. We’ll have to see what that flow looks like in our windowless, small space.

Lanterns, Hooks, and PlantsLanterns, Hooks, and Plants

Lanterns, Hooks, and Plants

Captain’s Log: Guesteen Bathroom ProjectCaptain’s Log: Guesteen Bathroom Project

Captain’s Log: Guesteen Bathroom Project

In my stories on Instagram, I’ve shared the fact that I am still exploring what my design style is. I feel like I am a modern minimalist with hints of eclectic. What do you think represents your design style? Though I’m slowly figuring it out, my main focus is FINISHING THIS BATHROOM! <That’s me screaming at myself>.

Continue to follow along with this project’s progress on Insta.

Keep track with me to see if I meet the budgeted plan for this project on the Budget Bathroom or Budget Bust post here.

You can also see other guest participants in the One Room Challenge on the ORC blog site: www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog

I Joined the One Room Challenge!

…what in the world am I getting myself into!?

I probably just threw a lot at you with a simple one liner. So, let’s first give a quick high level of what the One Room Challenge is (and what it is not). First let me start with what it is not. The challenge is NOT a competition. There are guest participants, but we’re cheering each other on -not competing. I repeat… WE ARE NOT COMPETING AGAINST EACH OTHER!

Now, if you’re still with me and not overly concerned with this not being a competition, then let’s get into what The One Room Challenge IS and the fact that it is sort of like a competition! Lol…just kidding. It’s more like a competition against myself and against an 8 week clock. Here’s the high level break down:

  • Featured Designers [chosen by the official ORC crew] have been chosen to transform a space of their choice Each week (over the course of 8 weeks), the designers will share their progress, their process and their sources -where all their goodies were found.

  • While Featured Designers are being shared, we (guest participants) will upload our progress to www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog every Thursday, starting September 30th. We’re not necessarily “featured” in like manner to those selected,l; but we have a way to share with each other and you all. It’s another great way to get ideas for your next design project!

  • BUT… you can continue to follow my progress in my stories over on Insta @kholmes_incolor . More detailed information & first looks (as in before IG sees it) will live here on the relaunchincolor.com site. Make sure you subscribe to be the first to know!

In this DIY journey, I’ve chosen to LIVE my life fully and jump all in despite fear and/or doubt!

Since I’ve been adding scope (project management term meaning making this project longer and longer…also costlier) to the Captain’s Log: Bathroom Updates, this is going to be the kick in the pants I need to GET IT DONE!

Basically, each week, I am placing pressure on myself to meet my goals > Update Bathroom. Share progress on Instagram. Update blog with full details and first looks.

Here’s the link so you can see other great creatives sharing their One Room Challenge.

Ohhhh before I forget to mention it, I’m still working full-time and doing the single parent gig so umm yeah…

The Heat Is On!