Week 4: One Room Challenge

Painting is my nemesis and I think the light fixture had it out for me too!

Let’s chat paint stripes

As a compromise to my daughter wanting a dragon mural on the wall, we agreed to stripes. However, those stripes didn’t agree to me! Actually, I went about applying the stripes all wrong. Take this as your guide in How Not to Apply Stripes On A Wall.

Step 1

Use painter’s tape correctly. Meaning… do not put the painter’s tape up and realize you want some pieces longer so you add a piece on top of the already hung piece and extend it out that way. Yes that was a run-on sentence but it had to be said without taking a breath for the impact! Just start over. Trust me when I say, “it’s better to waste the tape and start over than to mess up the paint job.”


Step 2

I knew to paint my white base color over the stripes to prevent bleed through of the solid colored stripes. However, I got distracted and only did the base color. You know what that meant? When I finally painted those stripes, I had bleed through because the base (my white paint) was already dry. Instead, you should paint over your tape with your base color; allow to slightly dry, then proceed to paint your stripes.

It looked so good when I taped it!It looked so good when I taped it!

It looked so good when I taped it!

These lines could have most certainly been crispierThese lines could have most certainly been crispier

These lines could have most certainly been crispier

Step 3

Pull the painter’s tape off at a 45° angle. Your lines should come out far more crisp than mine. Le sigh… I’ve got to fix these stripes. But before I do that … there’s a new light fixture to hang.

Lights On

I purchased a light fixture from Amazon with the intentions of having someone else put it up. The more I saw what was required via YouTube University, the more I felt I could do it myself. Only one problem… ya girl not trying to electrocute herself!

I turned off ALL power sources – meaning the breaker box and the light switch in the bathroom. Was I still afraid? Sure was. You know I’m not going to fake the funk with ya. It wouldn’t be genuine of me if I did. Then I proceeded to dismantle the light fixture. Admittedly, the first go round of this was quite intimidating when I saw all those wires back there.

Previous builder’s grade light fixturePrevious builder’s grade light fixture

Previous builder’s grade light fixture

The old junction box was an interesting plot twist. It was not attached to a stud, which was also non-existent meaning no stud behind the wall at all. Additionally, the junction box was not flush with the circular cut out in the wall. This meant my new fixture’s base would not appropriately fit.

Notice how the junction box sits back in the wall instead of closer to the edges of the drywall’s circular cut outNotice how the junction box sits back in the wall instead of closer to the edges of the drywall’s circular cut out

Notice how the junction box sits back in the wall instead of closer to the edges of the drywall’s circular cut out

In my Insta stories I shared that I cringe at the thought of cracks and crevices. Guess what? I cringe more at the thought of placing my hand inside the wall; but I did it! <insert a mini dance party here!> The junction box was replaced with a nifty one that had flanges to open up behind the wall, allowing the box to sit flush with the wall and no stud needed!

We now have a fresh new junction box and the ability to proceed with hanging our new light fixture. Better light bulbs headed this way shortly!

Next Week’s Goals

Next week’s goals will be:

  • Addressing the stripes -have to figure out how to make this look better without it being one big solid block of color.

  • Start prepping the vanity to paint it

  • Hang mirror

  • Prep top of vanity for epoxy

A lot going on leading into Week 5 of the One Room Challenge. I’m hoping it all comes together; but in the meantime, here’s a link to the other guest participants: www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog.

Week 3: One Room Challenge

Welcome to the 2021 Faucet Games

Faucet Blues

Faucet Blues: I literally wanted to cry trying to remove the pre-existing faucet’s hoses from the soon to be replaced faucet.

My hands were sore from all the prodding and twisting -only for absolutely NOTHING to happen! Those jokers would not budge. Let’s add that my back began hurting because of the awkward position while in the cabinet. Full transparency, this part of the project has sucked! BUT. Yes, here’s the “but”… haha, did you catch how that first ‘but’ was carefully placed? Lol.

Back at it with the faucet removalBack at it with the faucet removal

Back at it with the faucet removal

The more I tried, the more I prayed and trusted God for even “the smallest thing”, like a hose loosening. Did doubt creep in? Yes. Did I want to quit when it wasn’t happening right away after the first few prayers? Absolutely! But I shifted!

I shifted my thoughts to ones that spoke of encouragement, and spoke to this mountain telling it to move. The past few weeks, this faucet situation was my mountain that needed mustard seed faith with action to move it!

I know you came here for the DIY, and you’ll get that. But sharing my faith and even the moments of wavering, this is a part of my genuine lifestyle that I hope serves as encouragement for you.

Now…about that faucet

We did it! First victory was getting the hoses detached from the water valves in Week 2 of the challenge. The next victory came at least 3 more days later after finally getting the plastic faucet screws removed. Using the advise of Leslie from @pink2palace, I bought some penetrating lubricant (I couldn’t find WD40 but this stuff was worth all of the $2 spent)! I also found a helpful YouTube video which mentioned using a 3/8 drill bit to drill through the plastic.

Lubricant and one of the ORC sponsors (Ryobi Tools USA) for the win!Lubricant and one of the ORC sponsors (Ryobi Tools USA) for the win!

Lubricant and one of the ORC sponsors (Ryobi Tools USA) for the win!

I purchased this case of Ryobi drill bits because (1) I only own an one eighth drill bit and it’s randomly stored in an old ice cream container also(2) it was inexpensive, has multiple bits, and comes in a handy hard case. These tools combined with my stubbornness to see it through is what got me to my “We Did It” moment! Now let’s tackle more of this One Room Challenge.

Sneak Peak…

Here’s what’s coming in Week 4 of the One Room Challenge.

Creating horizontal stripes using my Ryobi laser levelCreating horizontal stripes using my Ryobi laser level

Creating horizontal stripes using my Ryobi laser level

Originally, my daughter wanted a dragon on the wall. And well umm, that would be a no ma’am! Once my daughter got over the dragon request, we were able to move on to something more sensible for this space. With that said, I’m attempting to add stripes and The Girl (aka my daughter) has also agreed to a semblance of a circle near the top of the abstract shower curtain. Mind you, this too are things I’ve never before done.

But I shifted…

But I shifted my thoughts to being open and willing to continue trying new things in my genuine -lifestyling space.

Interact with me in my stories over on Instagram and stay tuned for more coming in my Week 4 One Room Challenge post.

Until then, check out some of the other One Room Challenge guest participants here.

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Until we meet again… Live In Color ♥︎

Ya girl, Kim!

Week 2: One Room Challenge

mirrors, faucets and irritation… Oh My!

We’re at week two out of eight for the One Room Challenge and we need to give the scoop on where things have landed. First, let’s quickly talk about the schmood (mood) of this bathroom.

It’s a schmoodIt’s a schmood

It’s a schmood

The Mood

The Mood: It’s a guest bathroom whose primary user is a teenybopper aka my daughter whom I affectionately refer to as “The Girl”. We needed to find something having a healthy balance between mom approved (because hey, I’m the one doing this DIY work) and likability for an evolving teenager. With all this said, let’s jump into some of the design aesthetic for what has been added to the Captain’s Log : Bathroom Update aka GuesTeen Bath Project.

First up, we tackled what The Girl gave her okay on for a shower curtain. I wanted a Black and White shower curtain, but she said it looked too much like a cow and as she put it, “that’s not my vibe”. What does she know about a “vibe”?! Lol… these kids, I tell ya! After about an hour of scrolling on Amazon, we landed on and agreed to abstract. Trust me when I say, we have been in consultation mode -meaning we’re over here lovingly butting heads, then compromising down the line. Here are a few of the options we scrolled pass before agreeing on the final one shown.


The Drama aka Faucets

The Drama aka Faucets: At first, I was going to hire a plumber to handle the faucet on the vanity. However, I realized that I would need said plumber to come back after faucet removal because I’m also doing an epoxy atop the vanity. Stay tuned for that! If you haven’t already subscribed to the blog and want to be FIRST TO KNOW and FIRST TO SEEhit the Subscribe Now button below honey dip! Then come on back to get the rest of these deets.

Now back to the faucet… It has taken me all of 3 dag-gum days to get the 4 parts off -that’s top and bottom of each of the water hose’s connections. Two connected to the water valve and two connected to the piece leading to the faucet. BUT THEY ARE OFF!


After finally getting those removed, there remains the plastic pieces holding the faucet in place beneath the undermount. I am convinced


…and put them on with pride because they are ON ON! Since they’re plastic, I’m afraid of breaking them with my basin wrench. This is another stay tuned moment because at this point my hands are sore, my back hurts from the awkward positioning of my body under the sink, and I’m simply frustrated. More in my IG stories as we progress. In the meantime, here’s a pic of the replacement faucet.

The Mirror

The Mirror: After getting over the fear of removing the builder’s grade mirror glued to the bathroom’s wall, we had to mirror shop. But before the shopping could officially begin, the now mirror-less area needed to be prepped, which meant a visit on over to good ole YouTube University! In a separate blog post, I’ll share the steps I took to remedy the wall after mirror removal. For now, let’s get to the best part… SHOPPING!

The Girl and I had to come to an agreement on what mirror would be used for the GuesTeen Project. You can check out our reel on insta to see how that moment went for us. I think she thinks she’s now a design consultant after watching a few episodes of My Dream Home. Nevertheless, we’ve made an agreed upon decision. After painting and doing all the things, we’ll be ready to hang the mirror.

Searching for our new mirrorSearching for our new mirror

Searching for our new mirror

Next up, and to offer a better distraction there’s going to be some MORE painting taking place. I’ll share those results here on the blog first in Week 3 of the One Room Challenge. Hint: there’s wall art involved. That’s all I’m saying for now. Don’t forget to subscribe…which means there’s a button conveniently placed for you to Subscribe.

Removed Builder’s Grade MirrorRemoved Builder’s Grade Mirror

Removed Builder’s Grade Mirror

See other One Room Challenge participants and featured designers: www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog.

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Until we meet again… Live In Color ♡︎

Ya Girl Kim!