Week 3: One Room Challenge

Welcome to the 2021 Faucet Games

Faucet Blues

Faucet Blues: I literally wanted to cry trying to remove the pre-existing faucet’s hoses from the soon to be replaced faucet.

My hands were sore from all the prodding and twisting -only for absolutely NOTHING to happen! Those jokers would not budge. Let’s add that my back began hurting because of the awkward position while in the cabinet. Full transparency, this part of the project has sucked! BUT. Yes, here’s the “but”… haha, did you catch how that first ‘but’ was carefully placed? Lol.

Back at it with the faucet removalBack at it with the faucet removal

Back at it with the faucet removal

The more I tried, the more I prayed and trusted God for even “the smallest thing”, like a hose loosening. Did doubt creep in? Yes. Did I want to quit when it wasn’t happening right away after the first few prayers? Absolutely! But I shifted!

I shifted my thoughts to ones that spoke of encouragement, and spoke to this mountain telling it to move. The past few weeks, this faucet situation was my mountain that needed mustard seed faith with action to move it!

I know you came here for the DIY, and you’ll get that. But sharing my faith and even the moments of wavering, this is a part of my genuine lifestyle that I hope serves as encouragement for you.

Now…about that faucet

We did it! First victory was getting the hoses detached from the water valves in Week 2 of the challenge. The next victory came at least 3 more days later after finally getting the plastic faucet screws removed. Using the advise of Leslie from @pink2palace, I bought some penetrating lubricant (I couldn’t find WD40 but this stuff was worth all of the $2 spent)! I also found a helpful YouTube video which mentioned using a 3/8 drill bit to drill through the plastic.

Lubricant and one of the ORC sponsors (Ryobi Tools USA) for the win!Lubricant and one of the ORC sponsors (Ryobi Tools USA) for the win!

Lubricant and one of the ORC sponsors (Ryobi Tools USA) for the win!

I purchased this case of Ryobi drill bits because (1) I only own an one eighth drill bit and it’s randomly stored in an old ice cream container also(2) it was inexpensive, has multiple bits, and comes in a handy hard case. These tools combined with my stubbornness to see it through is what got me to my “We Did It” moment! Now let’s tackle more of this One Room Challenge.

Sneak Peak…

Here’s what’s coming in Week 4 of the One Room Challenge.

Creating horizontal stripes using my Ryobi laser levelCreating horizontal stripes using my Ryobi laser level

Creating horizontal stripes using my Ryobi laser level

Originally, my daughter wanted a dragon on the wall. And well umm, that would be a no ma’am! Once my daughter got over the dragon request, we were able to move on to something more sensible for this space. With that said, I’m attempting to add stripes and The Girl (aka my daughter) has also agreed to a semblance of a circle near the top of the abstract shower curtain. Mind you, this too are things I’ve never before done.

But I shifted…

But I shifted my thoughts to being open and willing to continue trying new things in my genuine -lifestyling space.

Interact with me in my stories over on Instagram and stay tuned for more coming in my Week 4 One Room Challenge post.

Until then, check out some of the other One Room Challenge guest participants here.

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Until we meet again… Live In Color ♥︎

Ya girl, Kim!