Week 5: One Room Challenge

Touch ups and Hang Ups


Week 5 of the One Room Challenge came with exhaustion! Last week’s challenges were focused on painting and light fixtures. Maybe it was all the thinking and tinkering that came with last week’s challenge, on top of the previous weeks, that brought on this feeling of lack luster performance. Nevertheless, the show must go on, or in better words… we’ve got a bathroom to finish because momma is tired of sharing with the teenybopper!

To keep it lowkey, this week was all about cleaning up those paint lines from Week 4 and hanging the new mirror on the stud-less wall -meaning only drywall is present. You can shop a similar mirror as well as what I think is probably the BEST hook to use for hanging up to 200 pounds in drywall (shop here)

New Mirror & crisp paint lines. Who Dis?New Mirror & crisp paint lines. Who Dis?

New Mirror & crisp paint lines. Who Dis?

Lauren (@pinchplateparty), one of the One Room Challenge Featured Designers, advised to lightly sand the area where I messed up and re-paint. She also shared to use a painter’s tool (aka paint spatula) to press painter’s tape closer to the wall. Since I didn’t have many lines to clean up, I chose to kind of paint over the “janky” areas. I took into consideration my plans for a floating shelf; so I didn’t give too much concern to the look of the lines.

Where We’re Headed…

Now we’re headed into Week 6 and SHEESH! I feel like I have far more to do than where I thought I would be in this process.

Up next… all the goals from Week 4, with the exception of hanging the mirror and cleaning the paint lines. Le Sigh. Will I make week 6 with great strides! Or…am I being over zealous? It’s gonna be a “yes” to one of em’!

Sneak Peak

Week 6 out of 8

There’s a vanity to paint and epoxy to apply. Plus that daggum faucet has to be completely removed <insert eye roll>. So much to do with what feels like so little time.

Be sure to check out the other featured designers and guest participants for the One Room Challenge with Better Homes and Gardens (media sponsor).


Ya girl, Kim!

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