Week 6: One Room Challenge

Vanity Painting; Epoxy applying and things that go OH SHEET in the night!

We’ve reached Week 6 of the One Room Challenge and HOUTSON, we have a freakin’ problem! Before we get to the problem, let’s celebrate the wins.


…the vanity needed an update. It has been ten plus years since this vanity has had anything done to it beyond the builder’s grade wood stain; so I’m definitely excited to see this change. Also, let me add, my teenybopper (aka my daughter) has enthusiastically told me she cannot wait to get into her “new” bathroom because it’s looking good. If you’ve been exposed to teenager-itis [noun: teenagers who have an opinion on EVERYTHING -be it good or bad] then you know this is such a good news for me to hear! Okay, enough chatter; let’s get to work.

In my Instagram stories, I showed the liquid sander/deglosser I used to strip the vanity’s base. This stuff was way better than attempting to use my Ryobi Tools orbital sander. Don’t get me wrong, my cordless orbital sander came in handy to sand the larger surface area of the doors to the cabinet. It took some work using an 80 grit sanding paper, but the job got done! Nonetheless, the liquid sander helped for the hard to reach areas of the vanity’s base.

Jasco Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser found at Lowe’sJasco Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser found at Lowe’s

Jasco Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser found at Lowe’s

After sanding with my liquid sander/deglosser, I primed both the vanity’s base and cabinets with my Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 all surface primer. Here is where I suggest what not to do. Don’t “paint” with your primer; you mainly want light coverage. Unfortunately, this is a terrible habit I don’t foresee I’ll break anytime soon.

Now this baby is all primed and ready for painting. I used both an angled paint brush and a foam roller. The angled brush was primarily used to get in those hard to reach spots of the vanity’s base (i.e. the faux drawers and any other narrow spots the foam roller couldn’t reach). Meanwhile, the foam roller was used for all larger areas of the cabinet doors and sides of the vanity. I did a first coat that I let slightly dry before applying my next coat. I’ll still apply one final coat, but look at how good it looks so far!

Behr paint color Night ClubBehr paint color Night Club

Behr paint color Night Club

I wanted to avoid the appearance of brush strokes, which would have been caused if I caked Night Club on with several coats. On a side note, an added likable factor is that some of the wood’s pattern can still be seen.


Since I’ll be adding an epoxy countertop, I taped off the now painted portion of the vanity and will attach the doors after the epoxy application. So now, let’s briefly talk…


Although I haven’t attended the Haven Conference (yet), I’ve signed up for their emails and follow their social feed. In doing so, I came across a coupon for Total Boat epoxy and figured I would give it a try. Yayyy for a coupon! I’ve been nervous to do this and enrolled in many Youtube University classes to get an idea of how to epoxy an integrated backsplash countertop.


HOWEVER this epoxying is being pushed out to Week 7 because of what’s happening in the…


….the Oh Sheeeeet moment!

Seems there’s water coming from my master bath tub over into the Guest/Teenybopper bathroom. It’s coming under the baseboard, onto the bathroom’s floor. The good part about this is I didn’t do that floor stencil I was initially planning to do. The not so good part is THERE’S WATER LEAKING FROM SOMEWHERE 😩 No pictures to provide because (1) it’s certainly not part of my One Room Challenge and (2) I don’t want the pictures to seal this memory.

I’m in the middle of doing my own troubleshooting. Ultimately, my final decision has been to seek out an expert and pray it isn’t worse than I think. We’ll meet again on Week 7!

Be sure to check out the other guest participants who are having better outcomes than I.


Ya girl, Kim!

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