Picture Framed

I wanted a small yet effective pop in my den area, and I have just the right space for it. My den’s main wall once displayed this beautiful trio I found in the clearance section of Kirkland’s. However, it still wasn’t exactly making this wall stand out.

Blank slate

I did what most DIYer’s do and turned to Pinterest to find my inspiration. I knew I wanted something simple, yet chic and slightly modern looking. I also knew that I didn’t want anything too intricate because it could possibly clash with my next project -window trim throughout my home. The great part about doing the molding this way is I can always add or subtract from what I’m presently installing.

Pinterest finds…

First Up

The first thing I did was measure my wall and do a bit of math, that kept changing the more I realized my initial math was wrong (rolls eyes at self). It also changed as the design was updated. Though my math and design changed, the 45 degree angles I needed remained the same. Also, the fact that I used this miter box for every single cut was a consistent tool used on this project, along with this Ryobi laser level and Ryobi cordless brad nailer.

Side note: Painter’s tape as a visual is cool but it is NOT my jam! Will I still use it? Absolutely! However, I do recognize that frog tape is my go-to for holding actual pieces on the wall so as to get a better visual and temporarily attach pieces.

White wall with painter’s tape used to mark out 3 boxes for moldingsWhite wall with painter’s tape used to mark out 3 boxes for moldings

Back to the wall…

Initially, I wanted 3 slender framed boxes. I changed my mind and went with two slender boxes on the outside having one large box in the middle. I felt like this gave the wall better balance, not that I’m a design guru or anything but I’m sticking with this train of thought. Keeping in mind I also have a smaller adjacent wall where I’ll do another trim install, I think the larger box will help better tie together the look of the trim in this room.

Person in Semi hand stand against white wall with boxes formed used painter’s tapePerson in Semi hand stand against white wall with boxes formed used painter’s tape

Don’t forget to keep fun in your DIY

Notice the change…

Did you notice the change from the painter’s tape design (slender boxes) to this one with the 2 slender boxes on the outside and the larger middle box?

Here’s the final result of what could be a weekend project; but took me about one week… only because Life Be Life-in and this reel sums it up! Lol. Do you think you’d be willing to try this to give your walls a subtle pop?

For now, the walls will stay Behr white (pun intended, lol) until I change the color, if I change the color. I’ll rehang my Kirkland’s wall decor in the two smaller boxes and repurpose the third piece elsewhere. The larger middle box will stand alone until I get a piece of artwork to fill it. I’ll come back and update the final look once the paint has dried. You can check out my Instagram stories highlight “𝚆𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝙼𝚘𝚕𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐” to see the entire process.

Don’t forget…

Join me as I head into my next project on my 2022 Home DIY list. You can see my 2022 DIY plans here…unless some life event happens that turns the next project into necessary because of circumstance… Idunnknow! Lol.

Until we meet again… Keep it Genuine!

Ya girl, Kim!

Pursue 2022

Here’s what I’m pursuing in 2022…

Where has the year gone!? It feels like I’ve blinked my eyes and what do you know… it’s Happy New Year ringing through the air -with the prayer that this New Year will be far better than the last!

One Word

My one word to live out loud for 2022 is Pursue. On the list is the pursuit to take on more DI-trY projects throughout my home. Here are the projects aka Captain’s Logs I’m hoping you’ll join me for executing in the upcoming year over on my Instagram page @kholmes_incolor.

Project List

  • Laundry Room – I shared on Instagram that my wash machine and dryer are both on their last leg. This project obviously made the list due to circumstance.

  • Sanctuary – I want a space in my home, that’s not my bedroom; and that is dedicated to relaxation, serenity, books and meditation.

  • Cozy nook/ catch all -not exactly a mudroom but definitely a spot for our stuff when coming inside. Since the laundry room is so small and narrow, we definitely could use a well-organized designated area. I also want to create a little more storage because we’re short on these types of spaces in this house (le sigh).

  • Closets -teenybopper and my bedroom closet need an upgrade aka more storage. There’s also some real estate I want to maximize.

  • Flooring – I have no intentions of laying wood floors nor doing the carpet in the bedrooms, but it’s going on the list because it’s a part of the design/update process. Though I say I have no intentions, this may depend on cost to determine if this is going to become a DI-trY!

  • Garage -At the beginning of December, I did a minor garage organization by building a shelf for STORAGE and to get things a little bit more orderly. Now, I would like to take the garage up a notch and build a workbench as well as paint and add more shelving.

  • Leaving room for some simple DIYs as well – Moulding on the walls; some painting; a few outdoor projects and a whole bunch of trips to the tool supply store.


Have you seen the overall theme here? STORAGE! My home is extremely low on storage, so I definitely want to have something that is DIY friendly and stylish!

These projects are fairly big ones for me. Since I will be doing the bulk of the work by myself, I’ve already accepted that everything may not get done this year. I mean have you seen my IG stories when I redid my daughter’s bathroom. There were quite a few challenges, but even more victories were achieved! The plan is to do what adds more value -to my home’s bottom line (i.e. property value) and more importantly adds value to my peace of mind.

Let’s plan to have some fun in this season of genuine lifestyling and DIYing – or more like DI-trYing!

Ya Girl, Kim!