Artsy Fartsy

I’m finding myself leaning more into a side of myself I once thought was so NOT me! Wanna know what it is???


Yes! It’s arts and crafts. Back in the day, my mom was the leader of arts and crafts for VBS (Vacation Bible School); and when I tell you I STRONGLY DISLIKED HER ROLE‼️ We (her children) were her guinea pigs who had to do ALL the crafts before she chose which one would be done at VBS. Looking back on those moments, and now recognizing how blessed I was, I could slap myself for being such a turd about crafting with my mom!

Can you tell I really enjoyed Schitt’s Creek?! Anywhoo…Nowadays, I find myself dissecting with my eyes, many things I see in the store to determine if I should buy it or DI•trY it!?!?

In the case of this particular project, I did not need to look any further for many of my supplies after coming across Tresha JA Design YouTube post involving much of what I already had on hand.

You will need…

This project does not require major tools. As previously mentioned, most items you may already have at your fingertips. However, if you don’t have these supplies, you can find most, if not all, of them at your local grocery superstore. This way you get your groceries (or as we say in New Orleans “make groceries”) and pick up craft supplies.

  • parchment paper

  • Picture frame

  • glue gun

  • pencil

  • glue sticks

  • paint brush or paint sponge

  • acrylic or interior paint color of your choosing

  • spray paint color of your choosing

If you recall in my Picture Framed post, I did a wall moulding installation and I wanted to add an art piece in the larger, middle box. I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase my long lost VBS crafting skills! Thanks mom! Lol.

Back to it…

Using the parchment paper, I drew lines around a shaky hand drawn circle. Listen, I am in no way a drawer, so do not feel like your lines need to be perfect (or the circle either)! You mainly want an idea of a pattern to follow.

After drawing my lines, I took my hot glue gun and followed the pattern. This design was repeated about 4 good individual times … the other times, let’s just say it got real abstract and will be repurposed elsewhere. Smh.

While the hot glue design was setting up, which doesn’t take long, I painted the back board insert of my IKEA frame. Shop any store selling picture frames for yours or even better…pick a frame up from your local thrift store! I’m sure it will bring down the project’s cost! Yaaayy for saving money!

Now, using my Rustoleum spray paint, picked up during a grocery run, I spray painted my individual hot glue pieces. I let those babies dry while I went off to pick up The Girl (aka my daughter) from school.

Once everything was dry, I positioned my first layer of glue art on the painted back board insert. I then hot glued the piece onto the board. Thereafter, I repeated this step but affixed/ hot glued each layer atop the previous layer. I did this approximately three times to give the piece some depth. NOTE: I really just “loosely” followed the instructions in @treshaja YouTube video; but words like depth is what makes it sound artsy fartsy.

The results…

Here’s the final result after somewhat fighting with the closures on the back of my picture frame. I really like how this art piece turned out; to say its cost was no more than $20 (to include the purchased frame and spray paint.) All other items were already in my craft supplies.

The wall needs a few coats of paint, but in my IG Stories you know what experience I am having with differentiating the paint colors.

Try it…

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you’d try this quick and fairly simple art addition.

Now, off to paint a wall and get started on another project. Stay tuned in my stories and Insta squares on Instagram!

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Until we meet again… Keep it genuine!

Ya girl, Kim!

7 thoughts on “Artsy Fartsy

  1. Okay, this is amazing and all from glue and spray paint! I have all the supplies, so now you’re going to have me trying this one and I have just the place to put it too!-I’ll keep ya posted! 😚


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