Week 3 & 4 ORC: Window Seat DI•trY part 1

Week 3 and 4: One Room Challenge

This weeks’ One Room Challenge tasks included continuing to repurpose items already in my possession (i.e garage shelving 2x4s); learning a couple of new tools (shop for them HERE); and building a base for my window seat.

Since the price of lumber has just about doubled, I decided my 2x4s, initially serving as shelving in the garage, could be connector pieces for the window seat. For this project, I’ve mainly purchased nails and 2 additional 2x4s that were about 4 inches longer than the ones I already had. The length of the window seat is approximately 100 inches long; my garage shelves were 96 inches.

This picture is the first shelf build, but the next will be far sturdier than this one. I’ll do an updated blog post linking the garage shelf build a little later, since I’m presently still building them. Gotta finish this #OneRoomChallenge!

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As for the window seat’s base/frame, I had to learn (and get over the intimidating factor) of quite a few new tools – Ryobi 18V ONE+ Multitool and Kreg pocket hole kit. Turns out both were easier to use than I thought. Essentially, I worked myself up about learning them for nothing! Can’t stand when I do silly things like that. Anywho, here’s

what I did…

to start this build:

  1. Cut 2x4s to fit space (if applicable)As previously mentioned, this seat is going to be 100 inches long and my repurposed studs from the garage shelves weren’t long enough.

  2. Individually measure and cut smaller 2×4 pieces to fit the ends Dr of the longer 2x4s. If you’re lucky, your walls aren’t wonki like mine. Essentially, you’ll be creating a long rectangle.

  3. Using my drill and wood screws (I used these) , I pre drilled holes onto my end caps. Afterwards, using my wood screws to attach each piece, the base was formed.

Here’s some advice I wish I did not gloss over when watching tons of YouTube videos. To build the top frame, dry fit it on the already built base. I didn’t do this with mine, but I sure wish I did! In like manner to the base, screw your pieces together.

Since I don’t want a simple blog post to become a novel, go on and measure then cut pieces to hold the top frame to the bottom. Basically, the middle pieces need to be attached between the top and bottom frames. These will be held in place by pocket holes made with the KREG JIG.

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Stick Around…

Stick around because we’ve still got more on this To Do list and only 4 weeks left to do it! Here’s a peak at what ‘s remaining:

  • Plywood for bench (going to learn how to use the circular saw)

  • Figure out storage

  • Top for vanity (still need to figure that out)

  • Painting

  • Pendant light (probably need to go on and purchase that!)

  • Build a shelf

Basically…I better get super busy and prep the coffee that I don’t actually drink (I mainly like the smell of it. Lol)

Until we meet again… Keep it genuine!

Ya girl, Kim!

Don’t forget to check out the featured designers and other guests ORC participants over at www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog

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