Top 5 Plants to Begin Your Plant Journey

from the perspective of a recovering plant killah

Listen to me when I tell you, “I have NOT a green thumb!” It’s more blackish-green than anything. The way my hands are set up for this plant life has made this plant journey indeed one of ups and downs -filled with some plants surviving me and my novice ways.

…but still I persist!

Because of the benefits with having plants filling your home’s atmosphere, I really am dedicated to learning this #plantlife. Having an asthmatic daughter, I want to incorporate as many natural ways that I can to help alleviate some of the breathing challenges she occasionally has. So, I continue on this DI-trY journey and will work my way to becoming an official #plantmom!

Here are my top 5 plants (and their benefits) that I’ve kept alive for a solid year! <inserts cheering while keeping my fingers crossed that they continue to thrive>

Top 5 Starter Plants

based on a true story by a recovering plant killah (ya’ll I even killed a succulent!)

  1. Spider Plant: easy to maintain; doesn’t require much attention -because I was infamous for missing watering days, and most articles advise you can miss watering these up to 3 weeks!

    Benefit: Coverts carbon dioxide to oxygen at night, making it a good bedroom plant.

  2. Birds of Paradise: water every 1-2 weeks. Likes humidity so incorporating a humidifier helps with growth. Perfect for giving tropical vibes type ambiance.

    • Benefit: Good for air circulation and purification.

  3. Pothos: can handle missing a few watering days; good in medium to bright light conditions. Perfect to sit high because it can grow with a trailing vine. In my opinion, a trailing vine looks good when they are daintily hanging low.

    Benefit: purifies the air while also helping eliminate odors.

  4. Elephant ear: gives tropical oasis vibe and requires moderate to frequent watering.

    Benefit: cutting the stem and rubbing it on an insect sting is said to help alleviate pain and swelling. (Note: I’ve never tried this, but my grandmother knew a bunch of remedies)

  5. Fiddle Leaf: this one and I have a slightly contentious relationship. Presently, there are approximately 5 leaves on my plant, and it took a while to get there. However, once it flourishes, it’s absolutely beautiful! Let’s add that most challenges I don’t back down from, and this Fiddler is a challenge!

Benefit: pretty much air purifying like most other plants

Helpful ways to care for and remember your plant babies

  • Have a schedule: Whether you set an alarm on your smart device or include it as a recurring event on your calendar, getting into a routine with your plant care helps them survive.

  • Feed them: Yes! Plants need food too. I’m not quite into composting (just yet), so I’ve been using plant food to feed my crew.

  • Use apps: My mom introduced me to an app where I can take a picture of the plant and the app usually recognizes the type of plant as well as gives a plethora of information -right down to why some of my leaves were dying off at a rapid pace.

  • Read: if you don’t want to use an app (as some require a fee), turn to the good ole internet. Hopefully, you can recall the name of your plant baby so you’re getting the most accurate information.

Hope this helps you start on your plant journey! Until we meet again, I’ll continue to be in learning mode and overcoming my plant killer instincts.


Ya girl, Kim!

Weeks 7 & 8 ORC: Decorate & Reveal

The Struggle

In addition to having my own trepidations about m adding color to the walls, I also struggle with decor. See on this end, my problem is I have Hermes taste but working with a Target budget. Good thing I really like Target and Amazon!

If you’ve been following my Instagram stories and posts, then you know part of the plan for turning this space into a sanctuary also includes lighting and gentle decorations (SEE SKETCH HERE). I decided to have a single pendant light hanging over the repurposed cabinet -formerly used in my daughter’s renovated bathroom (See it HERE).

Of course that opens up yet another project here at Kholmes_InColor! Let me add that my daughter is so over me and these projects, but she gon be okay lol! Anyway let’s get into the deets.

The Light

Ever been scrolling through instagram and see where people have “shop my feed/post”? You hit the link to their shop and see some astronomically priced pieces. Yep, me too and THIS REEL sums up those feelings.

In my pendant light search, I stumbled across this Better Homes & Gardens light online. Here’s The Link to shop what I considered an affordable light.

My design included having a light where there was not previously one on this slanted ceiling. To achieve this, I added battery operated lighting. Since this isn’t the room’s main light source, having a battery operated light would be sufficient simply for the purpose of added ambiance.

The Reveal

Because we’re lacking in storage, and because the goal was to repurpose as much as I could, the vanity from my daughter’s bathroom was used for more storage space. After removing the sink, the same plywood used to make the window seat was also used to make a countertop. With my Kregjig pocket hole maker, I was able to attach two scrap pieces of plywood together.

I stained the top with Minwax stain, and finished it off with a polyurethane clear gloss coat.

And how were the edges of the countertop addressed? That was wrapped in edge banding and stained the same color as the countertop.

Using my Ryobi brad nailer, the countertop was attached to the top base of the cabinet.

And Now…

We bring it all together with the first part of Lé Sanctuary completed. We now have added storage as well as a spot to sit and relax. Time didn’t allow for a few more design elements to be added, but the biggest piece has been completed! Stay tuned as 𝗟𝗲́ 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗰𝘁𝘂𝗮𝗿𝘆 continues to be built out.

Shop the links here…

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Week 2 ORC: Repurposed

How a simple bathroom vanity spoke to my spirit

Here we are at Week 2 of the One Room Challenge (sponsored by Apartment Therapy), and already I’m having what I call soul full moments in doing this challenge.

I decided I wanted to re-use as many items already on hand because (1) I’m cost conscious (aka frugal) and (2) why not?!

I’m going to tell you the first item I am repurposing and how it spoke to me. I hope somewhere in this post you find something that speaks to you and you can meaningfully sit with it.

The what…

In the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge, I decided to paint the bathroom’s vanity and epoxy its top. You can check out those posts by clicking on the below labeled links.

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Reveal

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Soul Full Moment…

While taking out the vanity, I thought how it applies to some of our lives – at least I know I could see the semblance in my own life.

Initially, the vanity came one way -brand new, fresh out the box. Along the way, and with some use as well as normal wear and tear, there has been some bruising. Some scrapes and scratches were easy to clean up, while others have left a lasting mark. A fresh coat of paint meant having to put in some work to strip through layers of stain. Some parts were easier than others; nonetheless the work had to be done. It couldn’t be half stepped or else the new, fresh coat of paint would not properly adhere.

While this is all good, the vanity was still in the same place being used for the same purpose. It went through some changes along the way, but it served its purpose right where it was for the time it needed to be there. Then one day, my eyes opened a little more, and my mind began to insightfully see further into how this vanity could be further used -repurposed. It was now time to tear out and restore elsewhere with greater purpose.

Is this not sometimes representative of our lives? We remain in one place. In that place, we’ve hopefully accomplished what needed to be accomplished; but now, it’s time to move on. Even if nothing “bad” has occurred, at times we’ve simply reached the point of needing to be restored and repurposed elsewhere.

Vanity from Fall ORC ‘21

My friend, may I be so bold to ask… are you willing to allow God to repurpose you? Yes, I know you may have started off in one spot operating in a certain way. But now, even with a few bumps and bruises, are you willing to allow God to take what once was and make it into something more: something greater -for your good and His glory?

I hope on this DI-trY journey you feel welcomed into my genuine lifestyle, which encompasses sharing my faith along with various DIY’s. I pray you choose to Live Your Legacy NOW and be willing to walk in faith.

Until we meet again…

Keep it genuine and be open to the gift of restoration.

Ya girl, Kim!

View all the One Room Challenge featured designers and guest participants by going to this link. This year’s One Room Challenge is sponsored by Apartment Therapy.

In New York

Spring Break

We’re nearing the end of the first quarter; and around this time I like to check in with myself about some of my quarterly goals.

My one word for 2022 is 𝗣𝘂𝗿𝘀𝘂𝗲, and one of my pursuits is continuing to be more intentional about the time I spend with my daughter. She’s growing up so quickly; and honestly, I feel like there’s so much ground to cover in such a short time. As a treat for The Girl (my daughter) and myself, I decided on a quick getaway adventure to New York City. Jump in for a few New York deets!

The Stay

Our Hotel

Even Hotel offered a convenient location walking distance from Times Square and safely nestled in close proximity to a police station. Additionally, we were steps away (0.02 miles) away from the nearest subway (Penn Station).

While the room was fairly small in size, it’s to be expected for most hotels in New York City. But don’t let what you think as “normal” size sway you. The room was accommodating enough for the teenybopper and myself to not get on each other’s nerves.

Our room offered essentials for a quick in-room workout. However, ya girl was not bout that life; so, it really wasn’t a huge wow factor for me.

Customer service was A1 every single day of our stay- right down to the day of our departure! Speaking of departing and if it’s in your budget, I strongly suggest letting the hotel concierge reserve a car for your ride to the airport. As I become more seasoned in life, I realize that I am willing to pay for convenience.

Hotel Price Point

Now was it a little pricey? Yes, especially to say there was no complimentary breakfast offered; but cost is subjective. The biggest factor driving this reservation (and based on guest reviews) were the location and the concierge. With all that said and to repeat, if it can fit in your budget, this hotel is worthy of a stay.

To Try

Food & City Travel

The kid and I enjoyed breakfast at Flippers, near Soho and Chinatown. These light Japanese pancakes with fruit was more filling than I had expected. Maybe it was the constant movement and maneuvering in and around SoHo and Chinatown that suppressed our appetites.

Japanese Style pancakes

Nonetheless, we really weren’t hungry most of the day so we ate little snacks just to maintain our energy. I mean who wants to experience not being hungry and then suddenly hunger pangs strike!

For dinner, I encourage you to try Havana Central (Times Square). The food was delicious, and the live band was spectacular. We ate here for dinner but had a light meal, only because we had so many little treats leading up to dinnertime.

Of course, dinner meant we needed dessert so New York cheesecake was a must, but not Junior’s -as most are familiar with from Puff Daddy’s former MTV show “Making the Band”. Instead, we opted for sweet treats from Roxy Delicatessen.

To get around, we utilized what most New Yorker’s use -the subway. At $2.75 a ride, it was definitely a cost savings outside of a taxi and/or ride service. My only trepidation was more of a “me” thing. I was a bit nervous about taking the subway without knowing exactly what train to catch. Needless to say, I was able to overcome this uneasiness with the help of Mr. Google/ Google Maps and reviewing directions with the hotel’s concierge prior to leaving for our destination.


First of many

This was the first trip The Girl and I took with just the two of us. Normally, we travel with family and/or friends. I am so proud of how we worked together when out and about in the city. We enjoyed each other’s company, and I loved every minute we spent together -even time spent relaxing in our hotel room. There was so much more we did while on this vacation, but it’s far too much to fit into a blog post. You can check out our New York reel over on Instagram. This time was such an enjoyable way to bond; I encourage you to take the trip!

Until we meet again… Keep It Genuine!

Ya girl, Kim!

Artsy Fartsy

I’m finding myself leaning more into a side of myself I once thought was so NOT me! Wanna know what it is???


Yes! It’s arts and crafts. Back in the day, my mom was the leader of arts and crafts for VBS (Vacation Bible School); and when I tell you I STRONGLY DISLIKED HER ROLE‼️ We (her children) were her guinea pigs who had to do ALL the crafts before she chose which one would be done at VBS. Looking back on those moments, and now recognizing how blessed I was, I could slap myself for being such a turd about crafting with my mom!

Can you tell I really enjoyed Schitt’s Creek?! Anywhoo…Nowadays, I find myself dissecting with my eyes, many things I see in the store to determine if I should buy it or DI•trY it!?!?

In the case of this particular project, I did not need to look any further for many of my supplies after coming across Tresha JA Design YouTube post involving much of what I already had on hand.

You will need…

This project does not require major tools. As previously mentioned, most items you may already have at your fingertips. However, if you don’t have these supplies, you can find most, if not all, of them at your local grocery superstore. This way you get your groceries (or as we say in New Orleans “make groceries”) and pick up craft supplies.

  • parchment paper

  • Picture frame

  • glue gun

  • pencil

  • glue sticks

  • paint brush or paint sponge

  • acrylic or interior paint color of your choosing

  • spray paint color of your choosing

If you recall in my Picture Framed post, I did a wall moulding installation and I wanted to add an art piece in the larger, middle box. I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase my long lost VBS crafting skills! Thanks mom! Lol.

Back to it…

Using the parchment paper, I drew lines around a shaky hand drawn circle. Listen, I am in no way a drawer, so do not feel like your lines need to be perfect (or the circle either)! You mainly want an idea of a pattern to follow.

After drawing my lines, I took my hot glue gun and followed the pattern. This design was repeated about 4 good individual times … the other times, let’s just say it got real abstract and will be repurposed elsewhere. Smh.

While the hot glue design was setting up, which doesn’t take long, I painted the back board insert of my IKEA frame. Shop any store selling picture frames for yours or even better…pick a frame up from your local thrift store! I’m sure it will bring down the project’s cost! Yaaayy for saving money!

Now, using my Rustoleum spray paint, picked up during a grocery run, I spray painted my individual hot glue pieces. I let those babies dry while I went off to pick up The Girl (aka my daughter) from school.

Once everything was dry, I positioned my first layer of glue art on the painted back board insert. I then hot glued the piece onto the board. Thereafter, I repeated this step but affixed/ hot glued each layer atop the previous layer. I did this approximately three times to give the piece some depth. NOTE: I really just “loosely” followed the instructions in @treshaja YouTube video; but words like depth is what makes it sound artsy fartsy.

The results…

Here’s the final result after somewhat fighting with the closures on the back of my picture frame. I really like how this art piece turned out; to say its cost was no more than $20 (to include the purchased frame and spray paint.) All other items were already in my craft supplies.

The wall needs a few coats of paint, but in my IG Stories you know what experience I am having with differentiating the paint colors.

Try it…

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you’d try this quick and fairly simple art addition.

Now, off to paint a wall and get started on another project. Stay tuned in my stories and Insta squares on Instagram!

Subscribe for first reveals at what’s to come and first to see what has been completed!

Until we meet again… Keep it genuine!

Ya girl, Kim!

How to Change Your Life with One Word


As we embark on yet another year, many are setting their resolutions or their intentions for the year. For the past few years, I’ve been using the One Word challenge as opposed to resolutions. I’m certainly not knocking what you choose, but this has been a game changer for me. It’s a great devotional my mom sent to me and let’s just say… I’ve seen results!

My 2021 One Word was increase. Now before you let your mind wander too far into the big bucks, let me say I truly feel we sometimes limit a good bit of our lives to monetary value.

However, this One Word extends to all areas of your life -if you let it. For myself, I wanted to see increase in a few areas of my life -mentally, professionally, spiritually and entrepreneurial. Here are some of those areas mentioned and the results of my One Word – INCREASE.

  • Mentally I wanted to increase what type of information I was consuming and feeding my mind better “brain food”. Often, we read about a person’s success being attributed to a shift in their mindset. While this shift is true, I find most times when people say this, they seldom share how they went about shifting their thoughts. Let me tell you, it’s something you MUST be very intentional about doing. I began reading more books that aligned with what I wanted to see produced in my thoughts which would feed my actions. This became my benchmark for “increasing” time spent reading. I set a goal of reading at least 5 books for the 2021 year. Now for someone who is an avid reader, this may seem a trivial number. On the contrary, for those like myself who are trying to incorporate more reading, this may be an ideal number. Here are the books I read this year:

    • About Purpose by David Ramos (Kindle read)

    • The Perfect Day to Boss Up by Rick Ross

    • Magnetic Faith by David Ramos (Kindle read)

    • The Shack by WM. Paul Young

    • The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington

    • Love Her Well by Kari Kampakis

I ended up reading one more book than expected. In 2022, I want to read 8 books. You thought I was going to say 10 huh!? Lol.

  • Spiritually, I wanted to increase my time with God beyond daily prayer. I began being more intentional about reading devotionals that tied into what I may have been battling and even things that excited me! As I grow in Christ, I want to encourage others to grow in their personal relationship as well. Using the YouVersion Bible app, I’ve shared (and continue) to share excerpts from daily devotions I read -including the devotional for this book “One Word That Will Change Your Life”. In addition to the joy and peace it has brought me, others have DM’d to tell me how much they too enjoy the devotional excerpts that lead them to reading more devotions on their own. My goal is to have an impact that brings God glory.

Relationally, I wanted to increase time spent with my teenager, beyond the normal drive to and pick up from school. To do this, I became more intentional about our mother/daughter outings. Whether it was going to new lunch spots, choosing a new recipe to cook, or having a movie night, I made certain the importance of our time together was communicated. Let me be very genuine in saying my teenager was not always welcoming of our time. She would much rather do her own thing on some days. BUT that’s her business because this is happening and spilling over into years to come! I have found that we talk more, and we’re a bit more patient with each other.

  • Financial increase is one of those things that’s on most minds. I won’t act like it’s not included in my One Word, but I am learning to prioritize it accordingly. Once upon a time, it used to lead my goals and intentions. Now, with the One Word perspective, I am learning to place it in a category as a means and not the end all be all. Here’s what I set and achieved financially:

    • Maxed out my IRA contribution $6,000

    • Purchased an investment property

    • Saved 5% more money than I saved last year and stepped out on faith (see above bullet point)

    • Opened an UTMA for my daughter

Now for the One Word of 2022…


PURSUE…There are some intentions I have set that still fall in the categories mentioned above, but this go round it’s all about CRAZY FAITH! 2021 was good but 2022… I am excited for God’s favor and seeing how it flows!

Share your ONE WORD in the comments.

Let’s hold each other accountable and get everything meant for us in this New Year!

Ya girl, Kim!

Week 3: One Room Challenge

Welcome to the 2021 Faucet Games

Faucet Blues

Faucet Blues: I literally wanted to cry trying to remove the pre-existing faucet’s hoses from the soon to be replaced faucet.

My hands were sore from all the prodding and twisting -only for absolutely NOTHING to happen! Those jokers would not budge. Let’s add that my back began hurting because of the awkward position while in the cabinet. Full transparency, this part of the project has sucked! BUT. Yes, here’s the “but”… haha, did you catch how that first ‘but’ was carefully placed? Lol.

Back at it with the faucet removalBack at it with the faucet removal

Back at it with the faucet removal

The more I tried, the more I prayed and trusted God for even “the smallest thing”, like a hose loosening. Did doubt creep in? Yes. Did I want to quit when it wasn’t happening right away after the first few prayers? Absolutely! But I shifted!

I shifted my thoughts to ones that spoke of encouragement, and spoke to this mountain telling it to move. The past few weeks, this faucet situation was my mountain that needed mustard seed faith with action to move it!

I know you came here for the DIY, and you’ll get that. But sharing my faith and even the moments of wavering, this is a part of my genuine lifestyle that I hope serves as encouragement for you.

Now…about that faucet

We did it! First victory was getting the hoses detached from the water valves in Week 2 of the challenge. The next victory came at least 3 more days later after finally getting the plastic faucet screws removed. Using the advise of Leslie from @pink2palace, I bought some penetrating lubricant (I couldn’t find WD40 but this stuff was worth all of the $2 spent)! I also found a helpful YouTube video which mentioned using a 3/8 drill bit to drill through the plastic.

Lubricant and one of the ORC sponsors (Ryobi Tools USA) for the win!Lubricant and one of the ORC sponsors (Ryobi Tools USA) for the win!

Lubricant and one of the ORC sponsors (Ryobi Tools USA) for the win!

I purchased this case of Ryobi drill bits because (1) I only own an one eighth drill bit and it’s randomly stored in an old ice cream container also(2) it was inexpensive, has multiple bits, and comes in a handy hard case. These tools combined with my stubbornness to see it through is what got me to my “We Did It” moment! Now let’s tackle more of this One Room Challenge.

Sneak Peak…

Here’s what’s coming in Week 4 of the One Room Challenge.

Creating horizontal stripes using my Ryobi laser levelCreating horizontal stripes using my Ryobi laser level

Creating horizontal stripes using my Ryobi laser level

Originally, my daughter wanted a dragon on the wall. And well umm, that would be a no ma’am! Once my daughter got over the dragon request, we were able to move on to something more sensible for this space. With that said, I’m attempting to add stripes and The Girl (aka my daughter) has also agreed to a semblance of a circle near the top of the abstract shower curtain. Mind you, this too are things I’ve never before done.

But I shifted…

But I shifted my thoughts to being open and willing to continue trying new things in my genuine -lifestyling space.

Interact with me in my stories over on Instagram and stay tuned for more coming in my Week 4 One Room Challenge post.

Until then, check out some of the other One Room Challenge guest participants here.

Media Partner: Better Homes and Gardens

Until we meet again… Live In Color ♥︎

Ya girl, Kim!

Week 2: One Room Challenge

mirrors, faucets and irritation… Oh My!

We’re at week two out of eight for the One Room Challenge and we need to give the scoop on where things have landed. First, let’s quickly talk about the schmood (mood) of this bathroom.

It’s a schmoodIt’s a schmood

It’s a schmood

The Mood

The Mood: It’s a guest bathroom whose primary user is a teenybopper aka my daughter whom I affectionately refer to as “The Girl”. We needed to find something having a healthy balance between mom approved (because hey, I’m the one doing this DIY work) and likability for an evolving teenager. With all this said, let’s jump into some of the design aesthetic for what has been added to the Captain’s Log : Bathroom Update aka GuesTeen Bath Project.

First up, we tackled what The Girl gave her okay on for a shower curtain. I wanted a Black and White shower curtain, but she said it looked too much like a cow and as she put it, “that’s not my vibe”. What does she know about a “vibe”?! Lol… these kids, I tell ya! After about an hour of scrolling on Amazon, we landed on and agreed to abstract. Trust me when I say, we have been in consultation mode -meaning we’re over here lovingly butting heads, then compromising down the line. Here are a few of the options we scrolled pass before agreeing on the final one shown.


The Drama aka Faucets

The Drama aka Faucets: At first, I was going to hire a plumber to handle the faucet on the vanity. However, I realized that I would need said plumber to come back after faucet removal because I’m also doing an epoxy atop the vanity. Stay tuned for that! If you haven’t already subscribed to the blog and want to be FIRST TO KNOW and FIRST TO SEEhit the Subscribe Now button below honey dip! Then come on back to get the rest of these deets.

Now back to the faucet… It has taken me all of 3 dag-gum days to get the 4 parts off -that’s top and bottom of each of the water hose’s connections. Two connected to the water valve and two connected to the piece leading to the faucet. BUT THEY ARE OFF!


After finally getting those removed, there remains the plastic pieces holding the faucet in place beneath the undermount. I am convinced


…and put them on with pride because they are ON ON! Since they’re plastic, I’m afraid of breaking them with my basin wrench. This is another stay tuned moment because at this point my hands are sore, my back hurts from the awkward positioning of my body under the sink, and I’m simply frustrated. More in my IG stories as we progress. In the meantime, here’s a pic of the replacement faucet.

The Mirror

The Mirror: After getting over the fear of removing the builder’s grade mirror glued to the bathroom’s wall, we had to mirror shop. But before the shopping could officially begin, the now mirror-less area needed to be prepped, which meant a visit on over to good ole YouTube University! In a separate blog post, I’ll share the steps I took to remedy the wall after mirror removal. For now, let’s get to the best part… SHOPPING!

The Girl and I had to come to an agreement on what mirror would be used for the GuesTeen Project. You can check out our reel on insta to see how that moment went for us. I think she thinks she’s now a design consultant after watching a few episodes of My Dream Home. Nevertheless, we’ve made an agreed upon decision. After painting and doing all the things, we’ll be ready to hang the mirror.

Searching for our new mirrorSearching for our new mirror

Searching for our new mirror

Next up, and to offer a better distraction there’s going to be some MORE painting taking place. I’ll share those results here on the blog first in Week 3 of the One Room Challenge. Hint: there’s wall art involved. That’s all I’m saying for now. Don’t forget to subscribe…which means there’s a button conveniently placed for you to Subscribe.

Removed Builder’s Grade MirrorRemoved Builder’s Grade Mirror

Removed Builder’s Grade Mirror

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Until we meet again… Live In Color ♡︎

Ya Girl Kim!