Genuine Lifestyling
Genuine Lifestyling

Come for the inspiration.

DI•trY + Genuine Life • Styling

Here is where you’ll find all things influencing this genuine lifestyle while encouraging you to Live In Color because life’s not simply black and white. It’s worth a good DI•trY!

Speaking of DI•trY…

Come check out all the things I’m willing to try -from home builds; bits of beauty, and glimpses into the journey of designing and creating a life, and a home, that’s an enjoyable retreat and a legacy worth living NOW while building one for later!

I’m doing many things Good People -praying BOLD prayers and intentionally living my legacy now while making it a color full life because…

“People are going to talk about you, no matter what you do. So you might as well do whatever brings you joy and live your best life.”

“The place in which I fit will not exist until I make it.”

— James Baldwin


Pull up a seat

Want to work together? Let’s start with an email and see if we’re a fit. Want someone to pray with and for you? Yep, that can be done that too! I believe in the power of prayer and standing on the Word of Jesus Christ. Whatever it is, remember…

Life is a daily Relaunch! Let’s do it together!


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