Weeks 7 & 8 ORC: Decorate & Reveal

The Struggle

In addition to having my own trepidations about m adding color to the walls, I also struggle with decor. See on this end, my problem is I have Hermes taste but working with a Target budget. Good thing I really like Target and Amazon!

If you’ve been following my Instagram stories and posts, then you know part of the plan for turning this space into a sanctuary also includes lighting and gentle decorations (SEE SKETCH HERE). I decided to have a single pendant light hanging over the repurposed cabinet -formerly used in my daughter’s renovated bathroom (See it HERE).

Of course that opens up yet another project here at Kholmes_InColor! Let me add that my daughter is so over me and these projects, but she gon be okay lol! Anyway let’s get into the deets.

The Light

Ever been scrolling through instagram and see where people have “shop my feed/post”? You hit the link to their shop and see some astronomically priced pieces. Yep, me too and THIS REEL sums up those feelings.

In my pendant light search, I stumbled across this Better Homes & Gardens light online. Here’s The Link to shop what I considered an affordable light.

My design included having a light where there was not previously one on this slanted ceiling. To achieve this, I added battery operated lighting. Since this isn’t the room’s main light source, having a battery operated light would be sufficient simply for the purpose of added ambiance.

The Reveal

Because we’re lacking in storage, and because the goal was to repurpose as much as I could, the vanity from my daughter’s bathroom was used for more storage space. After removing the sink, the same plywood used to make the window seat was also used to make a countertop. With my Kregjig pocket hole maker, I was able to attach two scrap pieces of plywood together.

I stained the top with Minwax stain, and finished it off with a polyurethane clear gloss coat.

And how were the edges of the countertop addressed? That was wrapped in edge banding and stained the same color as the countertop.

Using my Ryobi brad nailer, the countertop was attached to the top base of the cabinet.

And Now…

We bring it all together with the first part of Lé Sanctuary completed. We now have added storage as well as a spot to sit and relax. Time didn’t allow for a few more design elements to be added, but the biggest piece has been completed! Stay tuned as 𝗟𝗲́ 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗰𝘁𝘂𝗮𝗿𝘆 continues to be built out.

Shop the links here…

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Weeks 5 & 6 ORC: More Window Seating

Part 2 of One Room Challenge

I thought building the carcass of this window seat was time consuming but dealing with plywood was another time eater for me -mainly because I’m new to working with plywood and new to using a circular saw.

Weeks 3 and 4 of the One Room Challenge included learning how to use my Kreg jig pocket hole maker. This was exciting because those joinery holes are the best! If you’ve been following in my stories, then you know I wanted to pocket hole everything!

Now that the carcass of the window seat is completed, I needed to get the plywood going on this baby. This meant I needed to learn how to use my circular saw, which intimidated me at first. It’s loud and keeping the straight line while cutting is a monster! So, I tucked it away in a corner for far too long.

But you know I won’t walk in fear or intimidation for a lengthy period of time! To get my cuts a little straighter, I purchased the Kreg Rip Cut guide, which I will add to my list of good beginner DIY items to have. That blog post is in the making.

I first did a few practice cuts on the plywood I purchased for the garage shelves because as mentioned throughout my IG Stories, plywood and lumber in genral has become quite costly! I cannot stress the appreciation I have for the Kreg Rip Cutter! Although the plywood sheets for the garage shelves were pricey (by my standard), it wasn’t as much as the 3/4 plywood needed for the window seat.

This happened…

Before purchasing my plywood, I calculated how many sheets would be needed. Since my window seat is 100 inches long, I knew I would need 2 sheets. I wasn’t excited about this, but had I planned better, I probably would’ve done a built-in bookcase on the end of the seat. Oh well, lesson learned! Take your time; sit in the space and really give thought to budget based on your design.


Currently, Week 8 is upon me, and the push is on! The carcass is built and guess what?! All the pieces for the window seat have been cut and painted. Now it’s a matter of putting it all together. I’m learning as I go, but this is what a DI-trY is all about!

Stick around for the final reveal! In the meantime, be sure to support the featured designers and guest participants within the One Room Challenge with media partner Apartment Therapy over on their blog www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog

Keep it genuine.

Ya Girl, Kim!

Making An Entry

Upon entering my home, there’s a blank wall needing some attention. If you’ve been rolling with me in my stories over on Instagram, then you know the wall. Yep, uh huh, that one.

Listen, I want this wall to be that curiosity piece. You know? The one where people see it then wonder what other hidden DI-trY gems does this home possess?

Here enters…

Lé Slat Wall

For the longest, this wall has been bare. Like seriously… No color; no art, no nothing! Oh but baby, that’s about to change with yet another wall upgrade! If you didn’t catch the first upgrade, check out these posts on adding wall moulding and an Artsy Fartsy DIY art project using hot glue! You’ll love ‘em! For today’s DI•trY, you will need the following:

Of course, there’s always some Pinterest inspo to help get the design juices flowing. I usually try to go with no more than five ideas; or else I risk having analysis paralysis and won’t start! You ever get like this with too many options? I know I do.

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Before the fun…

Before the fun begins, I had to take care of the not so fun parts, at least to me they aren’t. I painted the wall Midnight Blue by Behr paint, followed by sanding my slats.

On my Instagram stories, I shared my fear of adding color in my home, but I’m gradually getting over it. If you’d like to try this project, you can shop materials here.

FYI… I brought my slats inside to get acclimated to the atmosphere of the house versus having them in the cold garage. Wood contracts, so I wanted the slats to do what they do in the environment of the installation, prior to staining.

Stain On…

Before taking on this DI•trY project, I honestly did NOT think staining slats would dang near take me out! In between life happening (per usual), there was plenty of staining. Hear me when I say PLENTY of staining (this is where I begged myself to abandon this project)!

Needless to say, I didn’t flake out on the slat wall. Shucks, I purchased all these slats already and the price of wood today is not ya friend! Needless to say, I’m not wasting any money simply because I had a case of the ‘don’t wannas’!

The idea…


Of course once the staining was done, there’s the cutting. I cut my slats based on the above idea drawing (obviously not drawn to scale).

  • Started with 3 vertical slats, affixed using my 1/4 inch multi-screws.

  • Used my 1×6 as the leading board (header) and wanted to use same size as the ending board (footer)

  • Atop the slats and following the header board, I used my nail gun to attach my cut horizontal slats (again, based on my above “Idea” drawing).

  • Using a scrap piece of wood, I was able to create equal spacing between the slats. This helps eliminate mis-measuring and BONUS: the spacer can also serve as a small shelf. (Note: I’m not placing anything super heavy on this tiny shelf. I’ve opted for small decor, to include a small vase with a plant cutting)


I’m not one for prolonging the reveal so here’s the 95% finish of the slat/plant wall.

Why 95%

Why 95% you ask? Well, turns out the bottom portion of the wall isn’t straight so the bottom boarder slat can’t simply lay flat and get nail gunned like the top boarder. This places a slight burnt crisp on my cookies – meaning I’ll need to figure something out.

HOWEVER(comma), it’s going to have to go on the backlog because I’m totally over all the staining and the One Room Challenge is headed my way! So let’s end on a good note.

Possible changes…

also known as The Backlog

I’m thinking I would like to bring the Midnight Blue Behr paint slightly higher up the wall. Perhaps, I’ll also move the slat wall over to the right, and cut the bottom portion up above the electrical outlet.

But again… that’s all BackLog and we’ve got more plans for this space during the One Room Challenge!

Till we meet again… Keep it Genuine!

Ya girl, Kim!

Artsy Fartsy

I’m finding myself leaning more into a side of myself I once thought was so NOT me! Wanna know what it is???


Yes! It’s arts and crafts. Back in the day, my mom was the leader of arts and crafts for VBS (Vacation Bible School); and when I tell you I STRONGLY DISLIKED HER ROLE‼️ We (her children) were her guinea pigs who had to do ALL the crafts before she chose which one would be done at VBS. Looking back on those moments, and now recognizing how blessed I was, I could slap myself for being such a turd about crafting with my mom!

Can you tell I really enjoyed Schitt’s Creek?! Anywhoo…Nowadays, I find myself dissecting with my eyes, many things I see in the store to determine if I should buy it or DI•trY it!?!?

In the case of this particular project, I did not need to look any further for many of my supplies after coming across Tresha JA Design YouTube post involving much of what I already had on hand.

You will need…

This project does not require major tools. As previously mentioned, most items you may already have at your fingertips. However, if you don’t have these supplies, you can find most, if not all, of them at your local grocery superstore. This way you get your groceries (or as we say in New Orleans “make groceries”) and pick up craft supplies.

  • parchment paper

  • Picture frame

  • glue gun

  • pencil

  • glue sticks

  • paint brush or paint sponge

  • acrylic or interior paint color of your choosing

  • spray paint color of your choosing

If you recall in my Picture Framed post, I did a wall moulding installation and I wanted to add an art piece in the larger, middle box. I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase my long lost VBS crafting skills! Thanks mom! Lol.

Back to it…

Using the parchment paper, I drew lines around a shaky hand drawn circle. Listen, I am in no way a drawer, so do not feel like your lines need to be perfect (or the circle either)! You mainly want an idea of a pattern to follow.

After drawing my lines, I took my hot glue gun and followed the pattern. This design was repeated about 4 good individual times … the other times, let’s just say it got real abstract and will be repurposed elsewhere. Smh.

While the hot glue design was setting up, which doesn’t take long, I painted the back board insert of my IKEA frame. Shop any store selling picture frames for yours or even better…pick a frame up from your local thrift store! I’m sure it will bring down the project’s cost! Yaaayy for saving money!

Now, using my Rustoleum spray paint, picked up during a grocery run, I spray painted my individual hot glue pieces. I let those babies dry while I went off to pick up The Girl (aka my daughter) from school.

Once everything was dry, I positioned my first layer of glue art on the painted back board insert. I then hot glued the piece onto the board. Thereafter, I repeated this step but affixed/ hot glued each layer atop the previous layer. I did this approximately three times to give the piece some depth. NOTE: I really just “loosely” followed the instructions in @treshaja YouTube video; but words like depth is what makes it sound artsy fartsy.

The results…

Here’s the final result after somewhat fighting with the closures on the back of my picture frame. I really like how this art piece turned out; to say its cost was no more than $20 (to include the purchased frame and spray paint.) All other items were already in my craft supplies.

The wall needs a few coats of paint, but in my IG Stories you know what experience I am having with differentiating the paint colors.

Try it…

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you’d try this quick and fairly simple art addition.

Now, off to paint a wall and get started on another project. Stay tuned in my stories and Insta squares on Instagram!

Subscribe for first reveals at what’s to come and first to see what has been completed!

Until we meet again… Keep it genuine!

Ya girl, Kim!

Pursue 2022

Here’s what I’m pursuing in 2022…

Where has the year gone!? It feels like I’ve blinked my eyes and what do you know… it’s Happy New Year ringing through the air -with the prayer that this New Year will be far better than the last!

One Word

My one word to live out loud for 2022 is Pursue. On the list is the pursuit to take on more DI-trY projects throughout my home. Here are the projects aka Captain’s Logs I’m hoping you’ll join me for executing in the upcoming year over on my Instagram page @kholmes_incolor.

Project List

  • Laundry Room – I shared on Instagram that my wash machine and dryer are both on their last leg. This project obviously made the list due to circumstance.

  • Sanctuary – I want a space in my home, that’s not my bedroom; and that is dedicated to relaxation, serenity, books and meditation.

  • Cozy nook/ catch all -not exactly a mudroom but definitely a spot for our stuff when coming inside. Since the laundry room is so small and narrow, we definitely could use a well-organized designated area. I also want to create a little more storage because we’re short on these types of spaces in this house (le sigh).

  • Closets -teenybopper and my bedroom closet need an upgrade aka more storage. There’s also some real estate I want to maximize.

  • Flooring – I have no intentions of laying wood floors nor doing the carpet in the bedrooms, but it’s going on the list because it’s a part of the design/update process. Though I say I have no intentions, this may depend on cost to determine if this is going to become a DI-trY!

  • Garage -At the beginning of December, I did a minor garage organization by building a shelf for STORAGE and to get things a little bit more orderly. Now, I would like to take the garage up a notch and build a workbench as well as paint and add more shelving.

  • Leaving room for some simple DIYs as well – Moulding on the walls; some painting; a few outdoor projects and a whole bunch of trips to the tool supply store.


Have you seen the overall theme here? STORAGE! My home is extremely low on storage, so I definitely want to have something that is DIY friendly and stylish!

These projects are fairly big ones for me. Since I will be doing the bulk of the work by myself, I’ve already accepted that everything may not get done this year. I mean have you seen my IG stories when I redid my daughter’s bathroom. There were quite a few challenges, but even more victories were achieved! The plan is to do what adds more value -to my home’s bottom line (i.e. property value) and more importantly adds value to my peace of mind.

Let’s plan to have some fun in this season of genuine lifestyling and DIYing – or more like DI-trYing!

Ya Girl, Kim!

Float On This Shelf…

Float On

Captain’s Log: Bathroom Update: Shelf It. Let’s jump right into this thing.

I wanted to add a floating shelf to my guest/teenager’s bathroom so we could keep towels handy, as well as add a smidge of décor.

Of course I could have purchased floating shelves from just about any home decorating store; but what would be the fun in that!?

Besides, I really wanted to learn how to DIY these shelves because the plan is to do a larger version of them in my laundry room. Might as well learn now with the hopes that later, the process will move more quickly.

Per usual…

I enrolled at Youtube University to scour through everyone making floating shelves. I landed on two that I felt were (1) doable and (2) didn’t require any tools beyond what was already in my possession (miter saw and drill). Those two accounts were Ana White and The Rehab Life. I ended up making the shelf found on the latter. Though the video was quite straight forward, I still had a few hiccups.

Garage floor math and cuttingGarage floor math and cutting

Garage floor math and miter saw cuts

My first shelf’s back board was slightly longer than what I needed it to be. This was caused by me cutting down one board and forgetting to cut down the other. I still continued traveling the path though because I think this can be saved! Plus, I really try not to waste much; everything can be used. NOTHING IS WASTED (for the most part; sometimes there are exceptions).

I made a second shelf, taking into account a few glitches along the way learned from my practice run. This floating shelf was made to be a tad bit longer. I’m thinking it may need to be wider; but for now, I am staying in the moment and being excited for MY FIRST BUILD!

Here’s what I used to make my floating shelf:

  • 1 in. x 6 in. x6 ft. Common board

  • 1 in. x 4 in. x6 ft. Some more common board

  • 2 in. x 2 in. x 4ft.

  • 2 inch trim head screws

  • 2 inch construction screws

  • wood filler

  • sanding block (I opted to use my orbital sander, starting with 120 grit and finishing out with a 180 grit). Honestly, I’m still learning about which grit is best. I’m going to take a 400 grit to smooth the shelf down a little more without being too harsh on the wood.

You’ll have to decide if you want to stain your shelf or paint it. I wanted a stain that was kind of a chalky white that would still allow some of the wood to show. At least, I thought I wanted this until I stained it and …Hated It.

I made all my cuts using my Dewalt compound miter saw. Although I didn’t use the same dimensions as those found on The Rehab Life’s youtube, I did use their easy to follow video instructions -adjusting for my specific measurements.

Using my trim head screws, I attached each end as viewed in the aforementioned video. Here’s where I put a spin on things and probably should have not taken this route. Taking away what Ana White did by using a nail gun to connect her shelf ends, I thought this would be ideal for me. Welp, turns out it wasn’t and I ended up going through the other side of my board. This mishap isn’t all that bad, but I will need to abandon the whole nail gun idea this go round. I’ll use my wire cutters to cut the hanging nail off.

After getting all trim nails screwed in, I’m ready to roll with my sanding. To cover where my trim screws were placed, as well as to cover up some minor construction flaws, I used wood filler. If you want to try making your own floating shelf, all items have been linked here. You can easily have it delivered to your front door!


Now the finale to it all… Using the same color used to paint my vanity, as well as the color used to make the stripes on the bathroom’s wall, I painted the floating shelf. I have a highlight bubble called “Floating Shelf” over on my Instagram feed so you can see the action. Do you think this is something you’d try? Tag me if you do give it a go; I’d love to see your results!

Ya girl, Kim!

Week 8: One Room Challenge

The Reveal

It’s finally here! Reveal Day for the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge has come, and am I glad about it!

This bathroom journey started way back during the summer, in July, when I was only supposed to be adding board and batten to the walls. It quickly turned into my first BIG DI-TRY project also known in the project management world as a major SCOPE change LOL. Needless to say, when your teenager is out of town for the entire summer and you’re a single lady/ single mom such as myself, DIY projects come after spontaneous cocktail and brunch dates! I was living my best summer single life!

However, I still needed to buckle down and get this bathroom done. This is where I signed up for my very first One Room Challenge. Here’s a little reminder of where this bathroom space started.

But Now

But now we’re here to that moment where I’m excited and a little semi-bothered. Why, you may ask. Well Good People, going into Week 7 out of 8 for the project, there was a leak of some sort. I wasn’t certain where the water was coming from, but it appeared to be coming under the baseboard from the other bathroom. Part of me was concerned because who wants a leak? Needless to say, I saw dollar signs flashing before my eyes! On the contrary, the other part of me was ecstatic because if you’ve been hanging with me in my Instagram stories and reels on my feed, then you know I had planned to stencil the floor. However, that plan was scratched because that stenciling life just wasn’t working out for me! Imagine if it had worked out though! My floor potentially could have been ruined by The Great Leak of 2021 <enter dramatic music here>

No bueno on the stenciling

Fast forward to a plumber’s visit and a couple hundred dollars later, the problem appears to be fixed. In the middle of this ordeal, I had to remove the water damaged baseboard. However, I have yet to replace it because I want to be certain the water problem is no longer an issue before nailing down a new baseboard. BUT! There still remains the fact that I couldn’t get time back. I needed Week 7 to at least paint the floor and allow approximately a week for the final top coat to dry before I could walk on it. With all of this said, and because I know you may be to the point of GIRL SHOW ME WHATCHA WORKING WITH, let’s get into it! I’ll link throughout to to my Like To Know so you can easily shop for your first or your next DIY!

Since this bathroom is guest and teenager friendly; I wanted a design style that was welcoming to both -not too kiddie but also not too uncomfortable for its main user (my daughter aka The Girl). I found these cute outlet covers and knew they would work well. I especially knew they were the ones when The Girl (my daughter) commented that she liked them, without me having to ask. I always have found replacing an outlet’s cover can be a quick and inexpensive way to update just about any space. You can shop here for these outlet covers.

The small things

Artwork by The Girl

I’m my opinion, the little things matter just as much as the big ones. In this case, I wanted make sure I surrounded my daughter (and guests) with creativity and affirming words.

The Girl is a budding artist, and I want to constantly encourage her to stay in tune with her creative side. Our home is her personal art exhibition space. Just as with the Teenybopper Room Update, I once again brought her artwork into another space to proudly display.

In addition to the thoughtful artwork placement, I intentionally repurposed our “Just Love” sign -previously found near our home’s front door. Placed adjacent to the upgraded mirror, I want my daughter (and guests) to “Just Love” the reflection they see of themselves, looking back at the person God created. This is what I pray is seen and will serve as a constant reminder of God’s deep love for each of us – uniquely and wonderfully made.

Another small but intentionally added piece of decor is the bath mat. Though it was smaller than expected; hence I paired it with a larger mat, I love the simple message displayed.

You Look Good.

Our home is filled with positive, spoken affirmations; but I still like to reiterate the message in different ways. In a world where social media likes and body images have replaced having an actual personality and morals, I want my daughter to know that she looks good just as she is! Change what you want because it’s your desire; not the world’s. To my daughter and our home’s guests, be comfortable in your skin because You Look Good.

My favorites

My favorite parts of this project were the board and batten wall plus the floating shelf I made.

It’s amazing what learning about hard board and using a miter saw can do! I love what this addition to the previously grey bland wall did for this space. I also created a ledge for displaying art work, as previously mentioned and just because it adds a little extra jush. Also, check out the hooks thoughtfully placed on each wall for towels.

Then came the floating shelf. I have another blog post in the making for making this floating shelf. But let me tell you Good People how proud of myself I am for this first time build! We needed extra storage to keep additional towels in the bathroom. With this shelf, I created a “spa vibe”, as my daughter kindly pointed out to me. With the addition of a DIY candle; probably the longest living plant in my home; and of course fresh towels, we’re well on our way to an oasis on here.

The epoxy

I wasn’t going to totally leave the epoxy countertop hanging -though I kind of wanted to toss it out the window. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad; but in my humble opinion, it’s not as good as I would’ve liked. I think epoxy, particularly for beginners, is best done on a flat surface. The integrated sink and backsplash proved to be too much for me to maneuver before the epoxy began to thicken. I have yet to try any other epoxy brands, so I cannot give an opinion based on comparison. I’ll simply leave it at this… I think it’s worth a try.

Total Boat epoxy

Lights, camera, action

To round this reveal out, I want to give an honorable mention to this light fixture that replaced the builder’s grade light. Look at those globes enclosing the light bulb. It’s beautiful… as are you!

Though this marks the end of the 8 week One Room Challenge, it’s not the end of my DI• TRY lifestyle. Subscribe Now so you can get first looks at upcoming projects as well as first looks at their completion.

Ya girl, Kim

Week 5: One Room Challenge

Touch ups and Hang Ups


Week 5 of the One Room Challenge came with exhaustion! Last week’s challenges were focused on painting and light fixtures. Maybe it was all the thinking and tinkering that came with last week’s challenge, on top of the previous weeks, that brought on this feeling of lack luster performance. Nevertheless, the show must go on, or in better words… we’ve got a bathroom to finish because momma is tired of sharing with the teenybopper!

To keep it lowkey, this week was all about cleaning up those paint lines from Week 4 and hanging the new mirror on the stud-less wall -meaning only drywall is present. You can shop a similar mirror as well as what I think is probably the BEST hook to use for hanging up to 200 pounds in drywall (shop here)

New Mirror &amp; crisp paint lines. Who Dis?New Mirror &amp; crisp paint lines. Who Dis?

New Mirror & crisp paint lines. Who Dis?

Lauren (@pinchplateparty), one of the One Room Challenge Featured Designers, advised to lightly sand the area where I messed up and re-paint. She also shared to use a painter’s tool (aka paint spatula) to press painter’s tape closer to the wall. Since I didn’t have many lines to clean up, I chose to kind of paint over the “janky” areas. I took into consideration my plans for a floating shelf; so I didn’t give too much concern to the look of the lines.

Where We’re Headed…

Now we’re headed into Week 6 and SHEESH! I feel like I have far more to do than where I thought I would be in this process.

Up next… all the goals from Week 4, with the exception of hanging the mirror and cleaning the paint lines. Le Sigh. Will I make week 6 with great strides! Or…am I being over zealous? It’s gonna be a “yes” to one of em’!

Sneak Peak

Week 6 out of 8

There’s a vanity to paint and epoxy to apply. Plus that daggum faucet has to be completely removed <insert eye roll>. So much to do with what feels like so little time.

Be sure to check out the other featured designers and guest participants for the One Room Challenge with Better Homes and Gardens (media sponsor).


Ya girl, Kim!

Week 2: One Room Challenge

mirrors, faucets and irritation… Oh My!

We’re at week two out of eight for the One Room Challenge and we need to give the scoop on where things have landed. First, let’s quickly talk about the schmood (mood) of this bathroom.

It’s a schmoodIt’s a schmood

It’s a schmood

The Mood

The Mood: It’s a guest bathroom whose primary user is a teenybopper aka my daughter whom I affectionately refer to as “The Girl”. We needed to find something having a healthy balance between mom approved (because hey, I’m the one doing this DIY work) and likability for an evolving teenager. With all this said, let’s jump into some of the design aesthetic for what has been added to the Captain’s Log : Bathroom Update aka GuesTeen Bath Project.

First up, we tackled what The Girl gave her okay on for a shower curtain. I wanted a Black and White shower curtain, but she said it looked too much like a cow and as she put it, “that’s not my vibe”. What does she know about a “vibe”?! Lol… these kids, I tell ya! After about an hour of scrolling on Amazon, we landed on and agreed to abstract. Trust me when I say, we have been in consultation mode -meaning we’re over here lovingly butting heads, then compromising down the line. Here are a few of the options we scrolled pass before agreeing on the final one shown.


The Drama aka Faucets

The Drama aka Faucets: At first, I was going to hire a plumber to handle the faucet on the vanity. However, I realized that I would need said plumber to come back after faucet removal because I’m also doing an epoxy atop the vanity. Stay tuned for that! If you haven’t already subscribed to the blog and want to be FIRST TO KNOW and FIRST TO SEEhit the Subscribe Now button below honey dip! Then come on back to get the rest of these deets.

Now back to the faucet… It has taken me all of 3 dag-gum days to get the 4 parts off -that’s top and bottom of each of the water hose’s connections. Two connected to the water valve and two connected to the piece leading to the faucet. BUT THEY ARE OFF!


After finally getting those removed, there remains the plastic pieces holding the faucet in place beneath the undermount. I am convinced


…and put them on with pride because they are ON ON! Since they’re plastic, I’m afraid of breaking them with my basin wrench. This is another stay tuned moment because at this point my hands are sore, my back hurts from the awkward positioning of my body under the sink, and I’m simply frustrated. More in my IG stories as we progress. In the meantime, here’s a pic of the replacement faucet.

The Mirror

The Mirror: After getting over the fear of removing the builder’s grade mirror glued to the bathroom’s wall, we had to mirror shop. But before the shopping could officially begin, the now mirror-less area needed to be prepped, which meant a visit on over to good ole YouTube University! In a separate blog post, I’ll share the steps I took to remedy the wall after mirror removal. For now, let’s get to the best part… SHOPPING!

The Girl and I had to come to an agreement on what mirror would be used for the GuesTeen Project. You can check out our reel on insta to see how that moment went for us. I think she thinks she’s now a design consultant after watching a few episodes of My Dream Home. Nevertheless, we’ve made an agreed upon decision. After painting and doing all the things, we’ll be ready to hang the mirror.

Searching for our new mirrorSearching for our new mirror

Searching for our new mirror

Next up, and to offer a better distraction there’s going to be some MORE painting taking place. I’ll share those results here on the blog first in Week 3 of the One Room Challenge. Hint: there’s wall art involved. That’s all I’m saying for now. Don’t forget to subscribe…which means there’s a button conveniently placed for you to Subscribe.

Removed Builder’s Grade MirrorRemoved Builder’s Grade Mirror

Removed Builder’s Grade Mirror

See other One Room Challenge participants and featured designers: www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog.

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Until we meet again… Live In Color ♡︎

Ya Girl Kim!

I Joined the One Room Challenge!

…what in the world am I getting myself into!?

I probably just threw a lot at you with a simple one liner. So, let’s first give a quick high level of what the One Room Challenge is (and what it is not). First let me start with what it is not. The challenge is NOT a competition. There are guest participants, but we’re cheering each other on -not competing. I repeat… WE ARE NOT COMPETING AGAINST EACH OTHER!

Now, if you’re still with me and not overly concerned with this not being a competition, then let’s get into what The One Room Challenge IS and the fact that it is sort of like a competition! Lol…just kidding. It’s more like a competition against myself and against an 8 week clock. Here’s the high level break down:

  • Featured Designers [chosen by the official ORC crew] have been chosen to transform a space of their choice Each week (over the course of 8 weeks), the designers will share their progress, their process and their sources -where all their goodies were found.

  • While Featured Designers are being shared, we (guest participants) will upload our progress to www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog every Thursday, starting September 30th. We’re not necessarily “featured” in like manner to those selected,l; but we have a way to share with each other and you all. It’s another great way to get ideas for your next design project!

  • BUT… you can continue to follow my progress in my stories over on Insta @kholmes_incolor . More detailed information & first looks (as in before IG sees it) will live here on the relaunchincolor.com site. Make sure you subscribe to be the first to know!

In this DIY journey, I’ve chosen to LIVE my life fully and jump all in despite fear and/or doubt!

Since I’ve been adding scope (project management term meaning making this project longer and longer…also costlier) to the Captain’s Log: Bathroom Updates, this is going to be the kick in the pants I need to GET IT DONE!

Basically, each week, I am placing pressure on myself to meet my goals > Update Bathroom. Share progress on Instagram. Update blog with full details and first looks.

Here’s the link so you can see other great creatives sharing their One Room Challenge.

Ohhhh before I forget to mention it, I’m still working full-time and doing the single parent gig so umm yeah…

The Heat Is On!