Conscious Trust

“Test will come when you are practicing conscious trust in and dependency on God.” ~Some wise person

One week. One week of conscious trust. When was the last time you walked in what you were saying? You know that old saying, ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’. Have you ever purposefully decided to become fully aware of every little moment and give each one of those individual moments to God?

I am talking about trusting God with your next power move right down to depending on Him to help you with something as minimal as doing your own hair. Yep folks, I even whispered to God, “Lord I trust you to help me do this hair and not look like a chia pet when I’m done.”

Of course my trust was put to the test. My air conditioner suddenly stop blowing cold air, in the middle of summer, and IN TEXAS! Have you ever been to Texas in August?! Here’s how God said let me show you how I will reward you for your trust and dependency on me. What I thought would be at least $1,000 to fix, turned out to be a little less than $300.  Awesome!  Well not so awesome if you are just broke and don’t have $300.  I get that; which being Broke, Busted and Disgusted is covered under the Finance section of Restyled Mom, and you should read it.

My week of conscious trust was dedicated to giving EVERYTHING to God. Here are some of my prayers and thoughts I conscientiously gave to God -some thoughts deeper than others.

  • Lord I trust you with seasoning this meal I am preparing. (Everything people.)
  • Lord I trust you with my family – though it’s just the two of us, I trust you have us where you want us, right now, at this very moment.
  • Lord I trust you with my career.
  • Lord I tTrust wordrust you with the patience to actually clean my closet.
  • Lord I give you my faith and trust that you will shape my heart to be the women you desire. I am depending on you to cultivate my faith and my heart  for your glory.

“Blessings on all who reverence and trust the Lord –on all who obey Him”  Psalm 128:11  (Share the encouragement and Tweet this)

No matter how great or small, make a conscious effort to fully trust God with it all.  Leave me a comment what you will consciously entrust to God.  I’d like to pray for you.


Your Restyled Mom…who wants you to Trust