Weeks 7 & 8 ORC: Decorate & Reveal

The Struggle

In addition to having my own trepidations about m adding color to the walls, I also struggle with decor. See on this end, my problem is I have Hermes taste but working with a Target budget. Good thing I really like Target and Amazon!

If you’ve been following my Instagram stories and posts, then you know part of the plan for turning this space into a sanctuary also includes lighting and gentle decorations (SEE SKETCH HERE). I decided to have a single pendant light hanging over the repurposed cabinet -formerly used in my daughter’s renovated bathroom (See it HERE).

Of course that opens up yet another project here at Kholmes_InColor! Let me add that my daughter is so over me and these projects, but she gon be okay lol! Anyway let’s get into the deets.

The Light

Ever been scrolling through instagram and see where people have “shop my feed/post”? You hit the link to their shop and see some astronomically priced pieces. Yep, me too and THIS REEL sums up those feelings.

In my pendant light search, I stumbled across this Better Homes & Gardens light online. Here’s The Link to shop what I considered an affordable light.

My design included having a light where there was not previously one on this slanted ceiling. To achieve this, I added battery operated lighting. Since this isn’t the room’s main light source, having a battery operated light would be sufficient simply for the purpose of added ambiance.

The Reveal

Because we’re lacking in storage, and because the goal was to repurpose as much as I could, the vanity from my daughter’s bathroom was used for more storage space. After removing the sink, the same plywood used to make the window seat was also used to make a countertop. With my Kregjig pocket hole maker, I was able to attach two scrap pieces of plywood together.

I stained the top with Minwax stain, and finished it off with a polyurethane clear gloss coat.

And how were the edges of the countertop addressed? That was wrapped in edge banding and stained the same color as the countertop.

Using my Ryobi brad nailer, the countertop was attached to the top base of the cabinet.

And Now…

We bring it all together with the first part of Lé Sanctuary completed. We now have added storage as well as a spot to sit and relax. Time didn’t allow for a few more design elements to be added, but the biggest piece has been completed! Stay tuned as 𝗟𝗲́ 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗰𝘁𝘂𝗮𝗿𝘆 continues to be built out.

Shop the links here…

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Weeks 5 & 6 ORC: More Window Seating

Part 2 of One Room Challenge

I thought building the carcass of this window seat was time consuming but dealing with plywood was another time eater for me -mainly because I’m new to working with plywood and new to using a circular saw.

Weeks 3 and 4 of the One Room Challenge included learning how to use my Kreg jig pocket hole maker. This was exciting because those joinery holes are the best! If you’ve been following in my stories, then you know I wanted to pocket hole everything!

Now that the carcass of the window seat is completed, I needed to get the plywood going on this baby. This meant I needed to learn how to use my circular saw, which intimidated me at first. It’s loud and keeping the straight line while cutting is a monster! So, I tucked it away in a corner for far too long.

But you know I won’t walk in fear or intimidation for a lengthy period of time! To get my cuts a little straighter, I purchased the Kreg Rip Cut guide, which I will add to my list of good beginner DIY items to have. That blog post is in the making.

I first did a few practice cuts on the plywood I purchased for the garage shelves because as mentioned throughout my IG Stories, plywood and lumber in genral has become quite costly! I cannot stress the appreciation I have for the Kreg Rip Cutter! Although the plywood sheets for the garage shelves were pricey (by my standard), it wasn’t as much as the 3/4 plywood needed for the window seat.

This happened…

Before purchasing my plywood, I calculated how many sheets would be needed. Since my window seat is 100 inches long, I knew I would need 2 sheets. I wasn’t excited about this, but had I planned better, I probably would’ve done a built-in bookcase on the end of the seat. Oh well, lesson learned! Take your time; sit in the space and really give thought to budget based on your design.


Currently, Week 8 is upon me, and the push is on! The carcass is built and guess what?! All the pieces for the window seat have been cut and painted. Now it’s a matter of putting it all together. I’m learning as I go, but this is what a DI-trY is all about!

Stick around for the final reveal! In the meantime, be sure to support the featured designers and guest participants within the One Room Challenge with media partner Apartment Therapy over on their blog www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog

Keep it genuine.

Ya Girl, Kim!

Week 2 ORC: Repurposed

How a simple bathroom vanity spoke to my spirit

Here we are at Week 2 of the One Room Challenge (sponsored by Apartment Therapy), and already I’m having what I call soul full moments in doing this challenge.

I decided I wanted to re-use as many items already on hand because (1) I’m cost conscious (aka frugal) and (2) why not?!

I’m going to tell you the first item I am repurposing and how it spoke to me. I hope somewhere in this post you find something that speaks to you and you can meaningfully sit with it.

The what…

In the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge, I decided to paint the bathroom’s vanity and epoxy its top. You can check out those posts by clicking on the below labeled links.

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Reveal

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Soul Full Moment…

While taking out the vanity, I thought how it applies to some of our lives – at least I know I could see the semblance in my own life.

Initially, the vanity came one way -brand new, fresh out the box. Along the way, and with some use as well as normal wear and tear, there has been some bruising. Some scrapes and scratches were easy to clean up, while others have left a lasting mark. A fresh coat of paint meant having to put in some work to strip through layers of stain. Some parts were easier than others; nonetheless the work had to be done. It couldn’t be half stepped or else the new, fresh coat of paint would not properly adhere.

While this is all good, the vanity was still in the same place being used for the same purpose. It went through some changes along the way, but it served its purpose right where it was for the time it needed to be there. Then one day, my eyes opened a little more, and my mind began to insightfully see further into how this vanity could be further used -repurposed. It was now time to tear out and restore elsewhere with greater purpose.

Is this not sometimes representative of our lives? We remain in one place. In that place, we’ve hopefully accomplished what needed to be accomplished; but now, it’s time to move on. Even if nothing “bad” has occurred, at times we’ve simply reached the point of needing to be restored and repurposed elsewhere.

Vanity from Fall ORC ‘21

My friend, may I be so bold to ask… are you willing to allow God to repurpose you? Yes, I know you may have started off in one spot operating in a certain way. But now, even with a few bumps and bruises, are you willing to allow God to take what once was and make it into something more: something greater -for your good and His glory?

I hope on this DI-trY journey you feel welcomed into my genuine lifestyle, which encompasses sharing my faith along with various DIY’s. I pray you choose to Live Your Legacy NOW and be willing to walk in faith.

Until we meet again…

Keep it genuine and be open to the gift of restoration.

Ya girl, Kim!

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