How it all got started…


Hey there. I’m Kimberly. Welcome to my corner of what I call genuine lifestyling… where I’m DI-trYing & being a MomBoss; while building a beautiful, color FULL life.

Genuine Lifestyling is where one lives authentically, doing the things they’ve been led to do. I started a business making my own vegan friendly nail lacquers @relaunchnailpolish because I wanted a way to spend more time with my daughter, while showing others -particularly single moms like myself, they can pursue their passion and live a color FULL life at the same time.

Making my own nail lacquers led me to DIYing within my home. The more I tried to “fix” an area to accommodate my small business, the more I began to see something that had been lying deep within me. I had not realized how after Hurricane Katrina, I never really took the time to make my now home of 10+ years truly a home.

After all these years, coupled with my niece passing away at 23 years old, it’s funny how handmaking nail lacquers dug up what I had not realized I buried.

So now here I am, and here you are, coming along with me on this journey as I discover all God has always intended for me! As I share my genuine lifestyle, you’ll get DIYs (more like DI-TRY); plus a little of this and a little of that (i.e. beauty topics; mom to a teen lifestyle; budgets, etc.).

Just GOOD GENUINE from my heart LIVING!

While you’re here with me, I pray you are able to gain something that resonates with you living Genuinely in all the colors on this side of heaven, and I’d love to stay connected with you sooooo… Let’s Do This!

Let’s stay connected!


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Trust the joy of new beginnings.

Be willing to start. Build the genuine lifestyle full of all the colors you deserve and desire.

Daily is Your Relaunch.

What colors will you add to your life?